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10 Sexiest Athletes at Rio 2016 Olympics

It’s no surprise that the Olympics this year are getting many citizens hot under the collar and sports aside, it’s easy to see why.

Not only are these athletes incredibly talented (what is sexier than talent) many of them have the sexiest bodies and often skimpiest spandex to leave very little to my the world’s imagination. Making things a little more exciting to watch.

I think it’s safe to say that I may have a thing for swimmers or just boys in speedos, judging by my five sexiest men picks below that are representing at this years Olympics held in Rio.

Jokes aside though, is there anything more sexy than huge talent all shoved into a tight little package and that’s speedos a side. Bring Home the gold boys!



Country: Australia
Sport: Water polo

It’s no wonder Rhys appears on 10 out of 10 lists of hot athletes from all over the world. It’s all about showing the perfect body! And oh we get to see his a lot every time he competes in just a speedo. His team hasn’t earned an Olympic medal so far, but in Rio he’ll be participating in the Games for the third time, so let’s hope 2016 is a literal game changer!



Country: UK
Sport: Diving

Sorry ladies this openly gay boy is taken. This sexy young Brit, the youngest of 2016 Rio Olympics hottest athletes, won a Bronze Medal in London 2012 and has since earned a pop star status with his sweet charisma and flawless body. His coming out, first as bisexual in 2013, then as gay in 2014, has helped raise awareness to the overwhelming heteronormativity in the sports world. You go, boy!

24jul2013---marcelo-chierighini-que-disputara-os-100-m-livre-no-mundial-treina-na-piscina-que-sera-palco-das-provas-de-natacao-em-barcelona-1374695900777_1024x768 Chierighini_1chierighini1600


Country: Brazil
Sport: Swimming

Yet another proof of how nature’s been generous to Brazilians, Marcelo has had a shy yet promising start in the sports world, which includes a bronze medal in the 2010 World Swimming Championship in Dubai. In 2016, we hope his co-nationals’ massive support and an even stronger physical preparation will help him go for gold.

luca_dotto_galore Luca-Dotto-Credit-La-Press-ph.-Gian-Mattia-DAlberto-2


Country: Italy
Sport: Swimming

There must be literally something in the water, as Luca is the first of four male water athletes to make our list of the 2016 Rio Olympics hottest athletes. Though boasting a high-flying sports career, this 1.92m-tall hunk has been working as model for high fashion brands like Emporio Armani since 2012. Good for him and even better for us!



Chad-Le-Clos (1)


Country: South Africa

Sport: Swimming

How can I not include our local boychee? With a Silver Medal for the Men’s 100m and the obvious, those abs and that Golden skin-law of attraction, Gold Skin, Gold Medals!

Images: Sourced|  Getty Images

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    August 13, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Wow what a ridiculously shallow piece 😉