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Melissa’s opens in Franschhoek


 FINALLY! another breakfast place in Franschhoek.

Listen, it’s no secret that Franschhoek “locals” nor I enjoy a franchise but when it comes to breakfast eateries in Franschhoek we are a little hard for choice. If you look at the ratio of great lunch and dinner venues and then look at what’s on offer for a quick cuppa and some eggs, the list is less enticing.

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Granted I am going to get death threats comments and be gutted by many locals in Franschhoek for spending my time and money at this now Franschhoek franchise and not promoting the other amazing spots, but you know what it was good, the coffee was well made, the eggs were soft not medium, I wasn’t pestered by the owner/manager on my already short(quick) break. It was exactly what i wanted and you know, dare i say it, it’s exactly what Franschhoek needed.

Service was a little slow, as the staff were gathered outside to greet guests and serve the many that chose to sit downstairs amongst the bustle, i opted for the quieter upstairs space with a beautiful view and communal table.mellissas-the-food-shop-franshhoek-hospitality-hedonist-2mellissas-the-food-shop-franshhoek-hospitality-hedonist-5

The Melissa offering is typical, copy-and-paste as is with franchises, there are a few sweet cakes under cloches, magazine and “locally (Stellenbosch)” made items from candles to crockery and of course fresh flowers and bread.

That being said, I do hope  that this particular franchise is allowed a little leeway to truly support local, Franschhoek, local. I’d love to see fynbos by Franschhoek Flowers boastfully sold in wicker baskets beneath the old fig tree. I’d like my cuppacino made with Terbedore coffee beans roasted less than a stones throw away. If permitted by the Walters I would love to see these locally crafted crockery pieces on display with Coco Africa wooden works beside them and less of those by our neighboring wine routes.Hopefully they’ll use Franschhoek trout on the menu too.

mellissas-the-food-shop-franshhoek-hospitality-hedonist-4 mellissas-the-food-shop-franshhoek-hospitality-hedonist-3

Speaking of, the food…!?

I ordered a poached egg bedded on a courgette rosti with a caper salsa. Which was delicious, by the time it came (bare in mind this is opening day) It is often said that breakfast is hard to mess up-I’ve removed the expletive, I believe otherwise.

Nothing beats a perfectly runny poached egg pouring lovingly over well balanced smoked salmon, a crisp coated yet soft centered rosti and the right amount of acidity from the caper slasa in this case to cut all that richness. Delicious!mellissas-the-food-shop-franshhoek-hospitality-hedonistMelissa’s may not be the most welcomed addition to the town of tourists but if you’ve got it, you’ve got it. I love the location, the food is memorable and the service was at the very least friendly, why wouldn’t you want to start your morning here?

I look forward to a cafe and Pastéis de Nata  under the trees come summer!

Mellissa’s The Food Shop Franschhoek is situated in THE YARD

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