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Durban: CNNs best city for street food.


If you have ever ventured to the beach town of Durban, gone clubbing until early hours of the morning and then THAT craving hits you. You’ll find yourself and every local qued outside a street vendor know in the inner circles as Jonny’s Roti in the town of Overport all keen on a chip and cheese roti.

12196273_945098608913375_5538693246695919801_nAfros Chicken Durban 2

Large enough to feed you and your five mates half asleep and drooling in the car. Along with these chipper rotis, a day at the beach can not be made without heading to thee yellow container, Afros and ordering a kool plate of chicken and tjips the perfect accompaniment to watching the sexy surfers change in and out of their wetsuits. Almost as delicious as that flavour packed plate you slowly fork, Just Saying!


This is what the esteemed writers of CNN have to say about why they donned Durban with the title of one of the World’s 23 best cities for street food.

Perhaps it’s because of Durban’s lovely year-round weather, or maybe it’s the Indian influence, but the city is southern Africa’s reigning street food champ.

Local culture and cuisine is a blend sourced from Zulu, Indian and white South Africans, who each bring a little something to the mix.

The city is known for its curries, which over the generations have adapted to South African ingredients and tastes.

Little Gujarat, on Prince Edward Street downtown, is a humble but revered institution that remains true to the classic Tea Room takeaway, says Louis Fourie, a Durbanite and tireless advocate for the city.

It’s vegetarian-only, and offers the distinctly Durban bunny chow — a hollowed out half-loaf of bread filled with curry, like an edible takeaway container.

Sunrise Chip & Ranch, better known as Johnny’s Rotis, is open 24 hours a day for comforting rotis.

Afros Chicken Durban12186763_948129875276915_2604522451114871228_o

“It’s great to soak up the munchies, said Foerie. “The ultimate Durban street food experience supported by generations.”

Afro’s Chicken, which sits by the beach, grills up its poulet to order and offers shaded seating with an ocean breeze.

Bring it home boys!


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Photography: Sourced Afros

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