You’ve been doing a lot of writing yourself – is that material based on relationships, break-ups, former lovers?

Yeah, I think in terms of what I’ve actually written about, it needs to be stuff that’s real and relatable. One of the songs that is most personal is about when I came out to my dad – that was a big personal one for me. There have been a few of my friends that I’ve shown it to, and when I’ve said it’s about this they say ‘Oh my god I would never have guessed’. That’s the thing with songwriters; they write a song and then listeners make their own interpretation. With this particular song, it’s about casting your fear aside. When you listen to it initially it could be about relationships, but the story behind it is about my dad. A couple of my mates who now know the context behind it are quite taken back by it because it’s real, it’s about real stuff.

It might be able to be interpreted a lot of different ways, but do you think it could be adopted as anthem by other LGBT people going through similar struggles?

Yes, I would like to write a song that inspires people to be themselves. I went through a rough period when I was younger with my friends when I tried to talk to them about it. It makes me worried when I talk about myself and who I am, because I feel like I’m going to lose people. For me, that’s always stopped me from talking to people about it. I’ve found myself in situations where people are talking to me about girlfriends and I’ve found myself skirting around the issue; it makes me feel uncomfortable. I think anyone going through it needs the reassurance and needs to be told what I’ve been told: that it’s not as much of a big deal anymore, and people are okay with it now. Music is such a powerful thing and has such a big impact that maybe the song I’ve written could do that.

We can’t wait to hear it. Were you worried about the prospect of opening up about your personal life when you went on the show?

Because of the way me and my sister auditioned for the show – it was on a sort of whim – I never thought the gold buzzer was going to happen, and I was sort of swept off my feet. Ever since then it’s been a whirlwind. In relation to coming out, I never felt like I really needed to talk about it – it’s not because I resent it, it just doesn’t come easy. But I was worried that it going to get to the point where I wish I’d spoken about it sooner. The longer the success goes on, at some point it’s going to have to be discussed as part of a wider conversation. A lot of people assume I’m straight because I’ve never really spoken about it and because it’s not obvious to people. It’s more just putting the record straight – for example, I didn’t know that Olly from Years & Years was gay until I looked him up on Wikipedia!

Yeah it must be great to be a part of a generation of pop stars for whom sexuality is a total non-issue.

Yeah, I know it’s difficult to talk about because you feel like you’re going to feel discriminated for it, me included. I have a friend who is so comfortable with his sexuality. I’ve always wished that I had his confidence, because it doesn’t phase him. I’m not like that, and I think that’s because of the trauma I went through when I was younger. So I thought if I bite the bullet and spoke about it, I hoped that it would inspire people who felt like me; who felt like they couldn’t talk about it.

Has it made you worried about chatting to guys since being in the public eye because of that?

It has been tough. I haven’t been able to talk to guys because of my worry that it became a ‘leaked story’ before I had the chance to put the record straight. Also, because I haven’t been confident about talking about it before, I have never really felt I’ve been in a position to date. People don’t know to approach me, and I’m not confident enough to talk to people. I would love to like my mate and be open enough to chat to guys and see where it goes. From a personal level I’ve wanted to be in a relationship for a while but I’ve never been confident [enough] to talk about it.

I would love to meet someone though – I haven’t been in a relationship in ages and I miss it. I hear my friends when they go on dates saying how excited they are to see him or her again, or the butterflies they get when they are with them, and I just wish I was in a position where I could feel that again, as it’s been so long! I don’t know if I’m going to be going on Tinder but I am single and looking!