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Everard Read to open in Franschhoek

Everard Read to open in Franschhoek 11

Everard Read will open in partnership with the Leeu Collection

in the once LQF Cinema

Described as a considered space showing the best modern and contemporary artworks by southern African artists, the gallery will include a sculpture garden interspersed with herbs and vegetables that will feed the inspired chefs at Le Quartier Français.

Gandhi 1 - Everard Read to open in Franschhoek“Having opened in 1912, this art gallery (the origional Everard Read) in Johannesburg has developed a leading reputation as one of South Africa’s top galleries.

Representing established and new talent, the Everard Read Gallery is a well-respected landmark on the South African art scene.”

Leeu Collection is known for tasteful artworks and of course these were (with his team) curated by owner BAS himself. From Anton Momberg and numerous pieces from Angus Taylor at Leeu Estate to the iconic wall installations of Lionel Smit in the Leeu House hallway, along with the iconic Gandhi by Anton Momberg seen from the side walk opposite the recently opened Marigold Indian Restaurant .

Making a collaboration between these two passionate art players in the industry simply organic.

We look forward to exploring this addition which is rumored to open in the first Quarter of 2017.Mandela 7 - Everard Read to open in FranschhoekMandela 3 - Everard Read to open in Franschhoek


The king and his queen grace and greet guests at the entrance to The Manor House on Leeu Estates. There is a bench where visitors can sit and have their picture taken with the royal pair. The iconography of a king and queen is repeated in various forms in Bells practice. Here the two-metre high artworks offer both a serene omniscience and equally a powerfully commanding presence. These figures address each other in unison as a couple but simultaneous they engage their audience directly as separate beings.

LADY ON DONKEY MATTER OF FICTION 2012 Angus Taylor 01 - Everard Read to open in FranschhoekI AM ORIKYO Robert Slingsby 01 - Everard Read to open in FranschhoekUNTITLED GREY Lionel Smit 01 - Everard Read to open in Franschhoek







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  • Jannie Garibay
    December 21, 2016 at 2:27 am

    Franschhoek seems to growing and changing incredibly fast!