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Wine Crush Wednesday: Fairview Rose Quartz


Rose is the wine of the times and with Spring constantly teasing our senses, it only makes sense that Fairview followed suit with this refreshing and renewed approach with the launch of their newest wine, an elegant Rose.

Limited to 3000 bottles until 2017 this rose petal and pomegranate bouquet-ed wine is complimented by sleek, slim and sultry bottle and offers a retail price of R100.00 per bottle.

Definitely cheaper than a wine of it’s class that can be enjoyed at Club Cinquante-Cinq (55) in the South of France the very premise for this pale complexion, a fair amount of fruit on the palette and yet refreshingly crisp finish. Following the movement of lighter, salmon to blushed cheek pink, fresh, fragrant and light wines of France Fairview have raised their new wine to offer discerning drinkers exactly this.

Eager to take on the challenge of elevating the status of this often underappreciated style of wine, the Fairview team set out to craft a universally complimentary rosé by sourcing select grapes from three brilliant, stand-alone vineyards on the Fairview farm. These vineyards are all sites that already make exceptional red wines at Fairview.

This rose is aptly named Rose Quartz for its hue and romantic ability given the amount of glasses on has to promote love and romance. A combination of 41% Grenache Noir, 39% Carignan and 20% Cinsault we are offered a blended bunch pressed wine with balanced flavours yet still an air of intrigue.


So whether it’s a picnic with friends or at Willoughby’s over sushi as we experienced this new addition to the famed Fairview family, be sure to get your hand on this wine gem-stocks are limited!

Exclusively available from Fairview’s online shop, Fairview Cellar Door (cellar.fairview.co.za) and the farm’s Tasting Room in Paarl.

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