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Heads Up: Hair Trends for 2018

For a minute now, we’ve been scouring the feed of Guy’s Chop Shop in Stellenbosch for hair-nspirtaion going into 2018.

Guy has a space reminiscent of an inner city hipster home, complete with suspended bulbs and indoor plants.

Guy can also be seen live on the daily as he creates creative new trends in store on The Gram.

With this in mind, We’ve taken to the runways to bring you what we think will be heads above the rest in terms of trends going into the new year.

A change (read hair cut) is as good as a holiday, right?!

The French Crop

“The more texture, the better!” says Loaring from Chaps & Co. The French crop is back in full force, bringing plenty of volume on top (think Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber but decidedly more stylish).

“With a nice modern twist on the cut, we’re seeing more and more crops. Run your fingers through your hair, really mess it up to see all of that texture. The idea of the style is to make perfection look imperfect”.

You want to get a natural unevenness, according to Niall, and Dale says all your time in front of the mirror will have paid off as soon as you “create the illusion of not having spent too much time in front of the mirror”.

The Comb over

If you don’t have time for the careful carelessness of the textured crop then fear not. “A comb over looks great and couldn’t be easier to style,” says Smith, “Just work in some product and comb it over. It’s a classic cut that’s been around for decades. As a general rule, don’t go too wild with the hair gel as this will clump hair together, leaving you with thinner-looking locks”.

You want to keep it with a subtle side parting, adds Niall Keegan.

The Fringe

Fringes (or bangs, if you must) have been talked about as one of the biggest trends for winter 2017, especially if you have thick or curly hair.

Smith says “It’s a stylish way to rock an edgier look without going too dramatic. Over the last few seasons fringes have been a growing trend in the hair world”. You don’t want it too long though, adds Loaring, “Keep the length at roughly halfway from the eyebrows to the hairline”.

However, Smith warns that it can be a difficult style to pull off, especially if you go longer or extra chunky with your style so make sure to go to a professional for this look.

The Fade

The skin fade may have been around since the 1940s but it is without a doubt the star trend of the season.

Nidal Malaleb from 1847 says “Never before has this style been so diverse – with more texture, more definition and more height, there are so many ways that this trend can be done.” Want to give your French crop a modern touch? Loaring recommends a high and tight fade.

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