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Pierre Jourdan spring Popciles


With our sun kissed Capetonian Summer’s around the corner what could be better than frozen bubbly filled Popsicles, sea side getting turned up all whilst looking like you’re just chilling with a tube of grape sorbet?


JML Consulting are the creators of South Africa’s very first Wine Popsicles and are collaborating with wine estate Haute Cabriere the home to Pierre Jourdan in Franschhoek.

PJ Pops are a deliciously decadent, adults-only treat, and will be available in select stores, restaurants, bars and hotels across Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal from 1 September. All stockist details will be available on this site on 1 September.

Aimed at launching on Spring day, September 1st, there are two flavours of Pops, the famed Tranquille a still wine prominantly driven by Pinot Noirof, 60% Pinot Noir; 40% Chardonnay with the Pinot Noir skins giving most romantic rosey colour that translates onto the the coral packaging simply stamped Tranquille as well as a Pierre Jourdan option I imagine to be more of a zesty fruit flavour like the classic combination honored by their Chardonnay Pinot Noir with notably white peach, lychee and red fruit when poured. Perfect for a popsicle.

But what about the price? The great news is PJ Pops will be offered at a Recommended Retail Price of R25.00 per PJ Pop. The PJ Pops will launch exclusively in select Pick n Pay Liquor and Grocery outlets in Gauteng and the Western Cape on 1 September but following the launch the pops will also be available at selected upmarket bars, hotels, restaurants and late-night venues in both Gauteng and Cape Town. You will also be able to find them at select wine festivals and lifestyle events around the country.


Whilst an amazing idea this is the first Boozy Popsicle for South African but not the world. Inspired by these equally yummy looking treats:

Honestly, what could be more sophisticated than a frozen Blanc de Blanc Champagne popsicle from the luxurious and quintessentially British store Fortnum and Mason’s?

  • Where the idea began, More Yummy Pops

Haute Cabriere had this to say about their playful approach to their wines and new offering:

“We take our wine seriously, but we also want people to have fun with wine, to be enthusiastic about wine, and we see the PJ Pops as a fantastic way to do that,” says Takuan von Arnim.

“We are thrilled to partner with JML Consulting on the innovative PJ Pops,” adds Riaan van Niekerk, Managing Director of Haute Cabrière. “The pioneering spirit of Pierre Jourdan, the French Huguenot who arrived here from the French town of Cabrière in 1694, is still truly alive at Haute Cabrière!”

Looking forward to the release of theses hot 100 summer items, mark my words!

Now if only the sun would stop hiding and come say hi, here’s to hoping!

For More Info: T: +27 (0) 11 706 7354 | E: info@jmlconsulting.co.za

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