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DIY: Make a perfect Flat White #HazzLove

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Undoubtedly growth in Coffee (cup and bean) sales have surpassed that of wines in South Africa!

There was a time when coffee was well, just coffee. You picked up the paper and headed to a tearoom, corner restaurant (cafes weren’t even really a thing yet) and you got a murky drain water hot colloidal coffee, read the paper as it cooled, had a smoke and were on your way.

A cuppacino if you were fancy meant a mound of airy fluffy foam that you would sprinkle a square quoted packet of Hullet’s sugar and slowly eat as if it were whipped cream. Speaking of whipped cream, there were things known as cremochinos badly mad coffee was disguised with artificial whipped cream finished off with granulated hot chocolate sprinkles. We were none the wiser, nor cared to be!

You may or may not know what I’m talking about but the above is basically my weekends with my mom and my childhood in a cup.

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Now days coffee’s have elevated to call brand status. Filter coffee, means patriotic French presses slowly brewing individual 2-3 cups of liquid energy and mountainous cuppacinos have swiftly been replaced with delicately lacey Australian flat whites often branded with a a dainty heart or for the truly skilled a Rosetta.

Cafes are popping up everywhere, each offering their own story and as with the wine industry baristas and coffee roasters are master blenders. each keeping their recipes safely guarded with just a tease of  “oh we use a bit of Ethiopian and some Guatemalan beans” to make our blend.

With the growing interest in this now coffee cult-ure I was elated when creators of Hazz Coffee Roasters and Instaeats extended an invitation to learn more about the journey of this blushed berry and it’s transformation into what is to so many, a saving grace at the start of every morning!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

After a few cups of java we were driven to a nearby location-Gourmet Coffee Roasters, where green beans from across the globe are small batch roasted to create the Hazz branded blend. Mariska then took the machines to share with us, just how to stretch the perfect milk for that flat white you love so much:



Prep milk pitcher, make sure the jug is clean, cold and made of stainless steel.  For a standard size 250ml flat white, fill milk up to about a pinky’s width from nozzle of pitcher. If you are brave enough you can steam milk while your espresso shot is extracting. With your hand on the milk jug, tilt the jug to submerge the steam wand a couple of inches below the milk’s surface, creating a whirlpool (votex) motion–this gives the milk necessary texture.



Swirl milk in pitcher to smooth out textures. Knock mug and pitcher against counter to remove any bigger bubbles.
You should hold the pitcher and the warmed coffee cup now with your espresso shot inside on the same horizontal plane (parallel). The nozzle of the pitcher should point straight through the center of the mug (perpendicular).



Tilt cup 20 degrees toward the pitcher. Begin pour with high, thin stream. You want the milk to “dive” beneath the surface of the espresso. Too forceful and the milk will “wash out” the espresso–too thin and the design will be all bubbly.



 When the cup is about half-full, “dive” down into the crema, lowering the spout of your pitcher so that it is very nearly touching the liquid. This close-to-the-liquid pouring creates a white dot in the drink (this white dot is your friend).



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To pour a heart, continue pouring into the center of this dot until drink is almost full. For added texture and a wider heart, slowly wiggle pitcher from side to side. When the cup is nearly full, raise your pitcher up and pour a thin, high stream once again (just like at the start). “Pull through” (towards the thumb of your mug hand) the design to sculpt the finish. This is for style points–you better stick the landing. (We’re mixing metaphors here but latte art is also like gymnastics.)

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Hazz Stellenbosch 32 Ryneveld St, Stellenbosch | Hazz Newlands 51 Kildare Rd, Newlands, Cape Town

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