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Justin Sullivan: Blazing, Building, Burns

Justin Sullivan: Blazing, Building, Burns | HOSPITALITY HEDONIST -SOUTH AFRICAN TRAVEL | FASHION | LIFESTYLE image 7

Justin Sullivan has been exploring photography in the greater Cape Town (South Africa) region for the past 2 years, broadening his expertise in Documentary Photography – specialising in Cape Wild Fires.

This is a post by renowned photographer Justin Sullivan on face book, January 9th 2017

“A fire which started at Du Toit’s Kloof Mountain (Paarl) around 11pm last night (09/01/16) has left a trail of destruction in its path. Multiple structures were burned to the ground and many residents had to evacuate. Approximately 60% of the fire has been contained with more than 160 firefighters currently on scene (eNCA).

I arrived shortly after 01:00 to find the historic buildings of Augusta Kleine Bosch burning – Our thoughts are with the owners and all others affected.

A special congratulations & thank you to the Drakenstein Volunteer Group for their role as first responders and furthermore for maintaining a strong presence throughout the night. I spent a few hours with various members as they assisted with evacuations and property protection. (For donations and more info – Daan Van Leeuwen Boomkamp)

Good luck to the aerial and ground crews currently attending to the Paarl and Helderberg Fires. More updates to follow.”15875231 705099932998532 3674111461365835281 o 960x641 - Justin Sullivan: Blazing, Building, Burns15994464 705099819665210 290880575730882742 o 960x641 - Justin Sullivan: Blazing, Building, Burns15896002 705099696331889 7576773113361008178 o 960x641 - Justin Sullivan: Blazing, Building, Burns15895684 705101116331747 4521940991329658071 o 960x613 - Justin Sullivan: Blazing, Building, Burns15874844 705100189665173 8513448847539160307 o 960x591 - Justin Sullivan: Blazing, Building, Burns15585233 705099862998539 2670205573040989483 o 960x641 - Justin Sullivan: Blazing, Building, Burns


PHOTOGRPHY: Justin Sullivan 

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  • Sherry
    January 15, 2017 at 11:02 am

    Thoughts and prayers for these brave men and women!