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De Warenmarkt Stellenbosch (2017-Updated)


I’m a little bored of the sidewalk cafes filled with students when trekking the streets of Stellenbosch.

Whilst i like looking at the beautiful boys, short shorts and thick thighs. Nothing speaks to my heart better than a quick, easy gorgeous plate of street food-you thought i was going to say  rugby player. Something I am really struggling to find in this city lately, mind the pun. After seeing a bit of shpeel about the “canteen” in De Warenmarkt, i decided i would embrace the new development and try out Kan 10 (Canteen in Afrikaans)

At a quick glance De Warenmarkt is a culmination of The Market at The V&A waterfront and Schoon de Companje (one of the only other places i enjoy eating at) in the fact that it host’s a merchant variety of stores within a store. There’s Coffee by Deluxe, Artisan butchery by a fellow Durbanite Ryan boon, Fresh juices (think Kauai), a crepery dessert spot and the open plan dining area-Kan10.

A quick look at the menu and an espresso already on its way I swiftly ordered the Tosrtada, crispy flat bread with lamb avocado, tomato salsa and black pepper cream cheese as well as the pork belly ramen. The lamb was delicious and reminded me of the Lamb Barbacoa I had at Cosecha, also with a Latin influence because of the crispy flat bread (almost nacho in style) along with it’s traditional “Mexican” counterparts.

I was craving bursts of fresh flavour. It needn’t be Asian but when I see a bowl of julienne vegetables perfectly AL dente, thinly sliced scallion and bite of fresh red chilli in a clear flavorsome broth I can’t help but gravitate to Asian cuisine and the Pork Belly Dish. My pork ramen bowl was scrummy, exactly what i needed. Slightly over zealous with the chilli but I forgave this and revelled in the fact that it was “chilly” outside too!

With Such well presented dishes I couldn’t help but share my experience with you and the Twitter-verse. So in true style there I was standing on a stool to photograph my foodie flat lay snapping away. As if this wasn’t wasn’t “attention seeking” enough the moment I sat down to polish off the last morsel of my lamb the mooi-est Afrikaans boy with the right amount of stubble, a look of “I might fail this paper-God Help me” and dressed in my favourite get up (a plain white tee, black skinnies and some trainers) glanced over at my most unattractive moment, chipmunk cheeks, guac’ and cream cheese on my beard and I’m sure a ratchet mess of a hair-do.

[NSFW] Don’t get me wrong he would have been far more interested in Minky VD Westhuizen (or whoever the new poster meisie is for boereboys) deep throating her lamb tostado with pepper cream cheese on her chin but hey, a gay can dream!

Despite the gorgeous gent in front of me-I was torn as to whether I enjoyed the silence sans students or if I missed to productivity that came with a boisterous and bustling cafe type culture. De Warenmarkt was by no means empty, but it was the furtherest thing from a typical student hangout despite its contemporary and on trend decor of raw wood, exposed architecture and of course, indie playlist.

Perhaps it was the type of food? The slightly higher than “affordable average” a student was willing to part with for a plate of chow? Perchance it was just a terrible (pronounced as the French do) Tuesday in the middle of an off peak season. None the less I savoured my coffee and I think a glass of Chenin or two-who actually counts these things and almost forgot that is was alas, still only a Tuesday and i had to head out.So much work to do!


Stores Now include: 

Ryan Boon Specialty Butcher

Deluxe Coffee Works

For the Love of Yummyness (Crepes, Waffles and sweet treats)

Juice Revolution (Fruit & Veg Juices & smoothies)

Mano’s Bakery

Mussel Monger ( Fresh Oysters, MCC and Mussels)


De Warenmarkt | Kan10 | Contact details:Landline: +27 21 883 2274 | Cell: +27 83 258 1167 | E-mail: info@dewarenmarkt.com | 16 Ryneveld St, Stellenbosch

IMAGES: SUPPLIED // De Warenmarkt Facebook


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