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With so many beautiful wine estates and award wining chefs at the helm and even more celebrated wines it is often a hard task to pick an eatery to spend quaffing wine with loved ones or your cheeky mates. Very often it’s our wallets that decide where it is we will be savoring that Wooded Chard and Duck Liver Parfait.

Restaurant Week South Africa is one of my most exciting promotions that kit our yours perennially. 

A lot of the highly revered and reviewed Eat Out restaurants add their names to the list where you can have lunch for R95 or DinDin for R175. The prices spike a little for my personal favorites (star rated by Dining City SA-a review site) However for a meekly R50 surcharge to eat one of Eric Bullpitt’s creations with a delicious glass of Newton Johnson is something i would gladly do.

You can visit them on the link below and make your reservations online. the gig runs from 22.10-01.11.15

Follow them on twitter for deets: 

IMAGES | restaurantweek.co.za/lang/en 

Disclosure- Images are from the restaurants and respective photographers we do not own these images.

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