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Ravish on Bree (Now Closed)


When in Cape Town, most days whether it’s grabbing a cafe, stealing a kiss or lounging over lunch, I’m probably on the streets of New York   Bree. I have frequented Villa 47 a little too much as of late so, I have traded this du saison venue for the street corner. Naturally! The Folk Coffee and something something is my dash and dine spot. Quick cortado and quiche, I’m back in the car and headed to wine country.

However, everyday i seem to pass such mooi mense chilling in a slightly secluded eatery, which today i found out is the newly launched Ravish. From what I had seen on social media and a few blog reads this health conscious cafe was the place to trade Clarkes Mac n Cheese for quinoa and beets.

The decor is on trend, mixed use areas with bar stools, up-cycled furniture, and a cute little couch to catch up on the lastest non brothel brothel in a nunnery of sorts or so some said, maybe.

ravish ravish Hospitality hedonist bree street

Just reading the quirky menu makes you feel a lot healthier, Bean me up Scotty a salad of Kale, quinoa, free range chicken, red onion, golden coconut flakes, broccoli, cucumber, avo, green beans, goji berries. Corriander / Cashew petso or a Bunless Burger Organic beef patty topped with garlic aioli, roast tomato reduction, caramalised onions, grilled mushrooms and served on a Ravish organic salad ,organic micro greens.

That being said there are probably no more than 15 items on the menu and breakfast means NO BACON. Le Plus One nearly fell off his bar stool. But hey, with two raw juices on the way we were staying put. Kale , celery , spinach, lemon ,ginger, cucumber juiced and served in Ms Balls chutney styled bottles mad for a great start to Saturday.

ravish 3

ravish 2

I had a Morning Glory, Free range poached eggs, Ravish quinoa veg patty, caramelized onions, rocket, greens, cherry tomato and Jay’s Omelet(te) Free range egg omelette, Spinach, feta, for the guy next to me. The breakfast was good with poached eggs cooked well, the quinoa “patty” however left me craving Nomad’s perfectly made quinoa falafel instead.

The service was inconsistent and the coffee (by origin) left a little to be desired because of the poorly stretched milk. despite all the ravishing reviews on this nouveau eatery I was left a little disappointed.

Perhaps it’s a case of different strokes for different folks.

If bacon-free breakfasts, freshly juiced veggie juices and bunless burgers are your thing and you happen to be on Bree then Ravish-Gourmet Health Cafe, is just right for you!

RAVISH | Shop No.2, Touchstone House 7 – 11 Bree street Cape Town |Tel: 021 418 1770


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