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Reviewing Rupert & Rothschild

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Rupert and Rothschild, with these two prestigious affiliates it is no wonder why there is an air of mystique and controversy as to why this wine estate was so gated and the offer of wine tasting for both French and Local wines for many a year were STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. At the very least it created an intrigue that made my recent visit to this family farm so alluring.

Greeted by friendly staff and so many beautiful spaces, a private conference venue to the left, lush autumn gardens (in true Rupert style) at every twist and turn. A floating tasting island fitted with chairs almost reminiscent of those at Pierneff dining room. A lounge area for the lazy Sundays quaffing some REAL champers, just DONT put your feet on the table-wrong place, darling. The joys of exploration both of what was to be served and visually was endless as can be expected from a boutique venue


With a glass of something posh, pink and bubbly we were shown to our table and given menus. Whilst compact-choosing what to eat, no easy task-especially at the price (and despite misconception is not what you think)

Two years on and here I am a plebeian of a hedonist sitting in a conservatory styled rec’ room that emulsifies the experience of both exploratory wine tasting and perfectly instagram-able contiki tour of culinary efforts by Chef Carmen Muller.

She’s “South Africa’s hottest young chef”-no not the MAXIM type, get your head out of the fat trap and the 2015 Nederburg (we don’t truly understand the affiliation here) Rising Star – announced at the Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards JUST in case you didn’t know or needed greater affirmation that our meal was bound to be delicious.

There are essentially two menus in one-. A Champagne, wine and food flight degustation styled tasting menu, its Rupert and Rothschild-True royalty, I beg of you, please dont call it a platter. As well as an “ala carte” du saison offering .

platterplatter 2

Now, the place is ridiculously high end, pretentious and outlandishly expensive, or so I thought.

Whilst I don’t invision little grubby pawed kids running around with suckers and plastic toys-it’s just not the space honestly, so much glass and so many pretty (breakable) things. One could happily bring the family over for lunch and foot the bill. NO JOKES-the whole bill!

If you don’t believe me kyk die mooi fotos and you’ll see. R245.00 gets you a delicious degustation, with wine pairing and a dessert du jour, have you ever! If you’ve got a little bonus cash floating by there’s A Wines of The World wine and food tasting-this was my favourite- 5 courses, 5 wines (from 4 countries) for R300.00 a head. In such a stunning setting, lunching is so simple and a steal.

tuna  prawn

Whether is was the moreish veloutes paired with a few of the dishes, the intricate wine pairings that elevated each wine (servings were not shy either), the chance to pretend that i had lunch with a Baron-I did, however it’s the bold Bordeaux photographed with my “Karoo Moo Lamb” Baron Edmond ’12, Fresh melon bouncing off the Savingnon Blanc pairing, Curated decor, Champagne, Real Champagne, efficient service or fabulously talented female wine maker-Yvonne Lester. The list of why you have not booked a table yet is endless!

That being said, it’s quieter, off season in Franschhoek which allowed the staff more time to focus on our table and ensure we had the best and well deserved R&R. I was a little taken a back when a plastic bottle of water arrived at the table for this level of sophistication and being all cosy with the Baron (Bordeaux) i expected at the very least glass. I’m a bit of a purist (and cheapskate) and prefer tap but Le Plus One wanted Bubbles, the Brut, the Rose and even in the water. VERY DEMANDING I say. He was cozied up with the Baroness (A wooded Chardonnay-Baroness Nadine 2015) so he got want he wanted. Naturally (remember the cake story).


If i was you I’d book your lunches now, before their PR company both local and abroad, General Manager, Head chef, Guest Experience manager, Guest Relations manager, Door Man (you know the Rupert’s staff for days) get wind of this write up and realize that they are giving away a glorious wine experience and may change the prices. Details below, Hurry!

Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons | Klapmuts road-Just after Vrede & Lust | Tel: +27 (0)21 874 1648 E-mail: info@rupert-rothschildvignerons.com

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