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Savour the seductively smooth, sweet, rich and smoky taste of the new Scottish Leader Signature and drink a toast to the new female lead blender for Scottish Leader:  the accomplished Dr Kirstie McCallum, an analytical chemist by training and one of the first women in Scotland to become a whisky maker!


McCallum’s appointment marks a new, collaborative approach to blending of Scottish Leader, explains SA marketing manager, Lucindi Branfield:

“Spearheaded by Kirstie as lead blender, the team comprises 15 people, who now all contribute their specialist skills to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  It’s an exciting breakaway from the more traditional, hierarchical approach to blending, and it’s an expression of Scottish Leader’s innovative, forward-thinking and progressive attitude, exemplified by the brand promise to offer new perspectives and richer possibilities.

“Collectively, the new team brings the equivalent of nearly 400 years’ experience. Their focus is on ensuring quality and consistency in Scottish Leader’s batch blending process.”

The sophisticated Scottish Leader Signature features a pronounced Scottish island malt influence for those Scotch lovers who enjoy a distinctively rich, complex and layered blended whisky with a signature hint of Hebridean smokiness.


Rich and fruity with a distinctive peaty aroma, balanced oak  with hints of toffee, leather and chocolate.


Mouth filling, creamy and rich, spicy pepper and zesty orange peel with heather honey and a tangy smoky texture.


Incredibly long, rich and spicy with a silky smokiness

Enjoy it neat – with or without ice – with a mixer such as ginger ale, or as part of a refreshing cocktail such as the following:


 Grapefruit Whiskey Sour

Prep time:  5 mins

Total time:  5 mins

Serves: 2

A combination of whiskey, the sweet and bitter and tart grapefruit soda and the sour pink lemons creates this pretty and seriously refreshing cocktail.


  1. 3 ounces whiskey (I used Makers Mark 46)
  2. Cold Grapefruit Soda
  3. Lemon wedges
  4. Ice


Fill the two glasses with ice and add the whiskey and then top with cold grapefruit soda. Add lemon wedges and serve immediately.

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Images and Recipe by Heather Christo | heatherchristo.com

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