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Kelloggs opens cereal restaurant in Time’s Square

Kelloggs opens cereal restaurant in Time's Square HOSPITALITY HEDONIST -SOUTH AFRICAN TRAVEL | FASHION | LIFESTYLE

Whether it’s late night, whilst binge watching my favorite series or after a long day at work, cereal is my go to quick in a bowl and out the door or into bed meal. There’s no greater love than a comforting bowl of coco pops or my favorite fruit loops! My obseession with these jeweled morsels of sugar got so bad i was importing them into South Africa just to get my fix.

Now there’s a cereal bar smack bang in the centre of times square, oh the jealousy!

Here’s the story:


In 2015, Kellogg’s and Journee joined forces with a mission to reimagine a bowl of cereal. Unlike past short-term installations, this new partnership was formed around a commitment to creating a more enduring experience. As Kellogg’s turns 110 years old in 2016, we thought there would be no better way to celebrate than by doing something that the brand had never done before. And so, together, we built Kellogg’s NYC.

Our first step was finding a location that was accessible to the world and also an appropriate home for the Kellogg’s brand. Times Square, with its infinite energy and iconic status, fit the bill to a T. Next, we needed to tap into the imagination of a chef who could think outside the box.

Christina Tosi has been bringing an authentic, fresh, and wholesome perspective to using everyday items and could certainly make a great bowl of cereal even better. Finally, we set out to create an experience that would be just as familiar as enjoying a bowl of cereal in your own home, but with added elements that would surprise and delight just as much as discovering that hidden toy buried within.

The team consisted of:

Chef, founder, and owner of milk bar, Christina Tosi, has a way of looking at the world and food that immediately captivates with its charm. That’s why she was just the person to reimagine what a bowl of cereal could be.

A great bowl of cereal is nothing without great milk. Kellogg’s NYC’s milk is provided by Five Acre Farms, which makes the best local food more broadly available to keep farmers farming.

By boldly combining characters and art from the historic Kellogg’s archive with current characters and graphics, the design firm Virgo worked to create a graphic identity for the store that would capture the 100+ year-old legacy in a fun and modern way. From the logo to the cups, we think Virgo honored one of the most recognizable brands in the world while intertwining past and present.


We threw down the challenge of designing a space that is the antithesis of Times Square. After all, we believe the actual experience should be louder than any sign. Chipman Design Architecture, led by Gary Metzger, did just that.

Sami is two for two, on time and on budget. (He’s also a stellar guy!)

Yes, that’s real chalk! Please don’t touch. Or do, we love having Steven around.

Mark’s work speaks for itself which is a good thing because he is one of the most humble and quiet people we know.

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