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Look Inside: 1930s Czech Republic Apartment Re-invisioned

Two floors have been combined to create a 150m² monochromatic space in In Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic.

The result is an open, functional and stately home. A reconstruction of the elegance of the years 3, but seen from a current perspective, with scarcity of colors but abundance of textures, achieving a serene interior but with character.

The white and black combined with walnut, concrete and contemporary design have managed to bring back the splendor and update this house in the Czech Republic.

After defining the new boundaries of the spaces (one of the apartments in triangular form went to the master bedroom with open bathroom), the interior designers did a restoration work with the original moldings and carpentries.

The new elements that were incorporated and the decoration do not seek to recreate the era in which the building was constructed, but deliberately contrast with it by its contemporary style.


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