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Look Inside: Renovated Pennsylvania Schoolhouse

Everyone’s got that dream of moving to the country, gutting some architectural gem you picked up for next to nothing, and making it into the getaway home to end all getaway homes—all with your own hands. I Have this exact dream for a small home in a town like Robertson or just off the coast near Paternoster.

SIMILAR: Mono-chromantic by Leanne Ford

Leanne Ford, a stylist turned interior designer, actually did all that. A few years back Ford bought a historic schoolhouse just outside of Pittsburgh, made it her own (with the help of friends, family, and a whole lot of tequila), and now splits her time between the RRL-meets-minimalist space and Echo Park in Los Angeles.

Take a tour of Ford’s pad and learn about how she got the job done in our latest edition of Gentleman’s Quarters (or in this case, Gentlewoman’s Quarters), below.

What interior design advice would you give a millennial guy looking to create a space like you’ve created?

Funnily enough, I did an article for GQ a couple of years back on advice for your bachelor pad. But other advice would be: relax and don’t over think it. Homes should feel warm and personal and thought about, but not stressed about. Edgar Allen Poe said “There’s no beauty without some strangeness.” I think that’s so true in interior world. It all needs a little bit of quirk to it. No matter how done up your home is, it could always stand a touch of humor and personality.

OP: GQ.com


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