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Maintaining your Manly Mane – Beard Dandruff

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Grow a beard and you’ll save precious time shaving or maintaining stubble every morning, right?

Well, yeah, that is true, but there’s a darker side to this supposed benefit, and it’s about time we started talking about it.

Beard dandruff is an ailment that blights even the most seasoned beard veterans and it makes sense when you think about it.

Obviously, that flowing mane of chin hair looks majestic and badass in equal measures, but the skin underneath?

Not so much.

The more luxurious the beard, the more the face beneath tends to get neglected, and this sort of behaviour can lead to embarrassing, unsightly flaky skin.

So, what can you do to combat this problem?

The Team at Topman gave us a few Tips so we went in Search of the Local Grroming Equivalents.

Let’s take a look:


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IMAGE: Tanja Heffner

K5A4577 600x600 - Maintaining your Manly Mane - Beard Dandruff

BEARD WORX | 100% Boar Bristle Brush  | R 400.00

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It may seem excessive and it will definitely be a subject of ridicule among any mates that happen to spot it in your bathroom, but what would you rather: a little bit of piss taking or a chin that creates a blizzard any time you give it a scratch?

Using a specially designed beard brush before showering will exfoliate the skin and bring any dandruff to the surface, making it easier to remove in the shower.

“It tames strays, it detangles knots, it distributes oils, and best of all, it exfoliates the skin beneath the beard,”

says GQ grooming expert Adam Hurly in The Independent.


Rubbing acid on your face might sound like a good way to make a bad situation worse, but it’s not as harsh as it seems.

Lactic acid cleansers work by gently dissolving those grim bits of dried skin and leave your face looking and feeling smooth, refreshed and revitalized.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, a lactic acid cleanser will also soothe angry skin, so if you’re suffering from the dreaded flakes make sure to stock up.


Skin Creamery001 - Maintaining your Manly Mane - Beard Dandruff


NOURISHING TREATMENT OIL 1 grande - Maintaining your Manly Mane - Beard Dandruff

LULU & MARULA | Nourishing Treatment Oil | R 380.00 

Moisturising the skin beneath your beard is the most useful tool at your disposal when it comes to getting rid of dandruff.

They say that prevention is better than cure, but making sure your chin is hydrated will do both. The issue is it can be notoriously tricky to get a regular face moisturiser down to the roots of the hairs – this is where beard oil comes into play.

A beard oil is thinner and easier to apply than a cream and will penetrate through the skin without so much mess and hassle.

To apply, put a few drops on the tips of your fingers, rub them together and get to work massaging the oil into the skin hiding underneath your beard. Just be careful not to get it on any cloths as it’s not easy to get out.

That’s it. Now you’re suitably equipped to go out into the world, proudly wearing your glorious beard and safe in the knowledge that you’re dandruff-free.

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