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An inside look: Marble Restaurant-Rosebank, JHB

It’s no secret that true South African’s love a good Barbeque, Braai. When the Bokke win, we Braai, When the Sharks win, braai, when the first spring day and slink of sunshine arrives, we braai.

Marble - Bar (3) Marble - Bar (1)The fragrant allure of  roaring flames, crackling embers and the unmistakable sizzle of something cooking on an open flame is something undeniably delicious and salivating. Celebrating around this fire is unmistakably a past time that not only brings friends and family together but remains our comfort in good times, and bad, through sickness and in health.  I’m not sure I’m using these vows correctly but you get my drift.

Situated in the Keyes Art Mile, Rosebank. , Marble Restaurant headed by Award Winning chef David Higgs brings the international trend of live fire cooking to Johannesburg’s dining scene for the first time and eases the yearning of all meat loving South Africans of their painstaking cravings for a “proper, on the braai, steak”

 “Marble will embody South Africans’ love of cooking with fire, a quality that makes our food culture different from the rest of the world,” explains Higgs. “I’ve long been fascinated by what makes South African fare unique, and I believe it’s down to us being meat and flame enthusiasts – the timeworn ritual of cooking on wood fires, and gathering with friends. That’s what Marble will celebrate – and not just meat, but all types of ingredients cooked on coals – including fish, poultry, vegetables and breads.”

South Africa’s restaurant culture is well-recognised as vibrant with its patrons growing savvier and demanding better food, great service and a dining experience with personality. Although Cape Town has a higher number of fine-dining restaurants and celebrity chefs, Joburg’s cosmopolitan diners have a lust for an experience beyond a plate of food. Joburgers are looking for a night out somewhere sophisticated, unintimidating and yet still affordable.

Marble - Food - Blackened octopus, crushed paprika potato, candied lemon, squid in dressing

Blackened octopus, crushed paprika potato, candied lemon, squid ink dressing

Marble - Food - Burnt strawberry, pistachio creme, ash meringue, kataffi

Burnt strawberry, pistachio creme, ash meringue, kataffi

Marble - Food - Harissa pumpkin with green beans, endive, radish, pumpkin seeds, buttermilk dressing

Harissa pumpkin with green beans, endive, radish, pumpkin seeds, buttermilk dressing

Higgs has been in Johannesburg since 2011, and with The Saxon since 2012, “It’s been an incredible journey,” says Higgs. “I was open to a new adventure and a chance meeting with Gary proved to be exactly the opportunity I was looking for. The timing couldn’t have been better.”

Marble - Grillworks & Mervyn Gers tilesMarble combines two international trends – the first of live fire cooking and the second, of a rooftop bar experience.

Situated in The Keyes the growing art, food and culture hub of Rosebank, Marble which seats 250 dining scene enthusiasts and provides roof-top terrace with a panoramic view that stretches over Johannesburg’s urban forest towards the majestic Magaliesburg mountains.Marble - Interior (3)Downstairs sees a butchery which will allow patrons to take home the same cuts of meat from the Marble menu, and more.

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MARBLE | 19 Keyes Ave, Johannesburg, 2196 |Phone: 010 594 5550 |www.marble.restaurant

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