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Meet: Mootee in Melville

MOOTEE Johannesburg’s first 100% bartender owned craft bar recently opened in Melville curated by four distinguished Gentleman and brilliant bartenders Devin Cross, Peter Good, Denzel Heath and Dom Walsh

With 120 seats, an outside rooftop deck, open air alley seating and a private lounge.The cocktail menu, that has taken 8 months to develop, is described as a sort of “Rorschach Test”.

Each cocktail has a visual representation of taste, designed by artist Jared Hurwitz. The illustrations are designed to trigger an emotional response in the customer which leads the consumer to place their order.

Unlike traditional cocktail menus, the recipes of the drinks are not displayed in the menu, and customers are enticed to explore the 12 cocktails through this unique visual interpretational technique. Each drink is inspired by a classic African tale.

Mootee’s one of a kind cocktail laboratory, which situated in the middle of the restaurant, is something one would expect to see in a medical laboratory.


Containing a Rotary Evaporator Distiller, an Ultrasonic Prep, refrigerated Centrifuge and many more gadgets all used to produce the creative concoctions.

Expect to sample their milktart brandy, sparkling Umqombothi or the crystal clear brandy and coke.

Whilst the food and drinks are serious, the environment is relaxed and fun.

With cocktails priced at R 85 each and a meal for 2 costing you around R 200 per couple, Mootee aims to be accessible to all ages and income ranges.

Chibuku, a long cocktail made with, Antarctica Icy White by Godet Cognac, roasted milltet grain, fermented sorghum syrup, weis beer, soymilk, and Denzel͛s ever-favorite banana (yes he really does have a banana tattoo on his arm)

Their well-balanced wine list and vast spirit selection further demonstrates the team’s dedication to providing a well-rounded product.

It was Madiba that said: “it is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world and with myself…”

So be sure to drop by for some good food, good drink and good company accompanied by good music.

Visit MOOTEE Melville:

Address: 78A 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109
Hours: 4PM–12AM
Phone: 010 900 1399

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