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Mulberry & Prince-Pepper Street

Updated 16.09.2016

Since our visit to meet these two lovely people and taste their delcious food, they have cracked the nod from the team at Eat Out and have been nominated for a Boschendal Style award. We may just be putting our money on this one. Have a look below and see what we and the Eat Out team below LOVE about this look.

Mulberry & Prince (5) Mulberry & Prince (1)

It was hard to miss, the entrance was surrounded by socialites, fashion friends, media mavens and bloggers from across the web.  A calm evening in the city was the perfect welcome for Cornel and Cynthia to their new abode Mulberry and Prince. It has to be said that whilst the two youngsters behind Mulberry and Prince trained at the Culinary Institute of America, it was the decor in the CBD of the Design Capital that had tongues wagging and mouths drooling.

Chic, perfectly curated, NYE inspired decor filled an intimate space in Pepper Street-Cape town. Coral bush velvet chairs, exposed elements of slate, raw face brick, wooden tables and a welcomed open plan kitchen it was a feast for the eyes. Interiors were credited to the talented folk at Atelier in Woodstock. (Who I managed to spend some time with that evening over a glass of Timothy White) I questioned if the apt Kurt Pio precious gems upon the walls were individually made after Atelier had decided on decor and as natural as this precious gem of an eatery “it was an organic process, a team effort to produce what we think is beautiful” a sentence I hold true to the entire experience from service to the minds and hands in the kitchen.

Mulberry & Prince (7)  Mulberry & Prince (6)

There were three menu items floating around that evening. Lardo on toast with quince jam, oysters with a cucumber and yuzu dressing, and the bacalhau fritter – they were all so simple and tasty. The bacalao fritter; simply delicious. My favourite of the evening crisp coating with a robust flavorsome centre left me searching for that waitress and platter most of the night-bum.  The rest of the menu boasts simple, contemporary city street dishes that I imagine would be great shared with friends after work gossiping about Lynne in accounting.

The Atmosphere left you feeling at home and gave you a sense of disbelief that you often get when you are love drunk at the start of a new relationship “It feels so strange that this the first night, it feels like we’ve known each other forever” It was this reason that i embarrassingly have no pictures to post (there are a few on IG), I was too busy quaffing wine and well gossiping about Lynne in accounting but i have made a reservation- and will post my own pictures then and a follow up soon! I suggest you do the same.

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