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Nico Tortorella on putting Bi in LGBTI+

Nico Tortorella embraces a vintage flair for a stylish shoot from Gay Times.

The American actor takes to a bar with photographer Victoria Will for the occasion. Inspiring in sharp ensembles, Nico is outfitted by stylist Corey Kelly.

In the fashion-filled issue, Tortorella not only talks about his own sense of style but he also opens up about coming out as bisexual last year.

“I think my own sexuality and my own openness have been a real trip,” he says in the interview. “If someone was driving the same way I’m driving right now things would be a lot easier. It was not that I had it really hard, it was just a question of someone representing B in LGBT.”

Talking to the magazine about adding a bisexual voice to mainstream media, Tortorella shares, “I think that my own sexuality and my own openness has been a real journey.”

“I’ve dated gay men that have not completely understood,” added Tortorella. “Any time I would talk about some sort of relationship with a woman it bummed the conversation. They just didn’t get it.”

Read the full interview in the March issue of Gay Times and scroll down to see more pics from his steamy photo shoot.

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