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Cold Brew with a Twist : #CoffeeLemonade


Here’s something a little more controversial than Beyonce’s Becky with the Good Hair, no I am kidding

Laura Palmer. Thunderbolt. Kaffelemonad, in cased you missed it there’s a new style of coffee, brew. Coffee lemonade, may be news to you but cafes around the globe have been adding the zest a juice of fresh lemons to their favorite blends for ages now.

Here’s all you need to know:

The Basic Recipe:

Cold brewed coffee is mixed with lemon-and-vanilla simple syrup and a splash of almond milk, some prefer to mix espresso with lemonade or even sparkling lemonade (which reminds us of illy’s sparkling water iced coffee.)

Over at Epicurious, editors crunched the numbers and surmised that the ideal ratio of coffee to lemonade is 3:2. Basically, there is no true recipe and you have total creative freedom with this one.

Our new Coffee Lemonade #comingsoon to Kunjani – just in time for summer! #coffeetime #coldbrew #kaffelemonad

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The Concept

An interpretation of a popular Russian cockatil kofyeh slimonem tranlates coffee with lemon, make this now trending hashtag and twist on cold brew. Not such a new creation. Other’s have said it is merely a twist on the Arnold Palmer made using iced tea instead of cold brew coffee.

Coffee lemonade is exactly what you think it is. A refreshing drink that combines the refreshing taste of lemonade with the energy boosting effects of a summer favorite — iced coffee. It started where most delicious food trends start: Instagram. A photo of the creation was posted in June, and it took off. People were intrigued with the idea and liked the twist on the Arnold Palmer recipe that’s super popular during the summer. The idea that lemonade would go well with coffee was in of itself a very interesting one.


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