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Robertson SLOW Food & Wine festival

There’s more to the beautiful town and rustic roads of Roberston than a weekend away at Wacky Wine which is something I only recently discovered. I’m sure you remember my raunchy titanic moments at a Caltex filling station with no place to go.


From that memorable moment away upon a hilltop top miles away from my deranged hospitality lifestyle I have been bitten by the small town wanderlust bug and have set my sights on truly discovering more of this Romantic town that I fell in love with, with what feels like just moments ago.

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Just a few weeks to go and I think it’s time to head out to the country and enjoy the simple pleasures in life at the Robertson Wine Valley Slow food & wine festival.

From the 5 – 7 August experience the charm of country life in an intimate setting characterised by each farm’s unique personal touch. One can sample honest, old-fashioned and rural hospitality, while enjoying time-honoured activities, interact with wine-makers and wine-farmers in an informal ambience, getting to know them and their respective families. Indulge in traditional cuisine, using local ingredients, learning more about wine in masterclasses and various food and wine pairings. Relish the slow food and wine that will satiate your senses and revel in the relaxed pace that will rejuvenate your soul.

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For More information:

Website: http://www.robertsonslow.com/

Programme: http://www.robertsonslow.com/images/slow-wine-festival/robertson-slow/Slow-2016-programme.pdf

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