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SAMW ss18: Zeitgeist “Spirit of Time”


Created by Maxine Ginsberg and her dedicated team the Zeitgeist brand are creating cutting edge streetwear for men

Their SS18 collection as seen at SA menswear Week this past weekend sees a modern interpretation of the ancient ethos of the Samurai warrior and carries a message of bravery and strength.

Models culminated this in their stance and stature, many breaking the stereotypical “frame & build” of most models leaning towards using larger, bulkier boys to further portray this vision.

The monochromatic garments were conceptualised to form as “a symbolic shield against the everyday and mundane by enabling the wearer to protect their individuality and break free from the mould of mass produced throwaway fashion.” Anton Van Zyl, explained.

“We put a high premium on the manufacturing quality of our brand and our imported fabrics combined with limited production and individualized design gives the customer great value for money in a product that they can wear for more than one season”

A sentiment which echoed through many of the overall design motif at this seasons SAMW , an idea of Trans-Seasonal collections.

Remaining true to their Zeitgeist name sake and creating items that may considered “timeless”.

See some of our most liked apparel from the runway show, below:

Love the mixed geometry and “textured” textiles and print

The fit and low cut neck is what we loved here and that almost crew neck inspired pleated seem. The bold blatant ZG branding, not so much.

Ready to wear, love that neck piece

Absolute favorite on the Ramp, that lace cut out detail is simply inspired.

 photographer / SDR Photo



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