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Here’s How we work:

Invitations to events

Should you wish to extend an invitation to us, we always inform the PR/marketing person or host that our attendance is no guarantee of a listing on our site. In fact, chances are we won’t write specifically about an event or a dinner to which we’ve been invited in an effort to maintain site integrity. Our policy is to feature what we independently decide is worthy of coverage, not write something glowing – or anything at all – in return for invitations.

Social media Posts, Competitions & Campaigns

When attending functions as described above, we might tweet at our discretion. Again, we don’t make deals and don’t promise anything. If we tweet  something that means we genuinely like it and/or think it might be interesting for our followers and fans. Please note that


Competitions on our site are hosted at our discretion, depending on the appropriateness of the prize for our audience and its value. We usually reserve competitions for clients who support us with other advertising. The winners are chosen at random and are verified by an external auditor before being notified.

Photographic Integrity

The images used on listings, galleries and articles are often provided by the restaurants, brands or clients themselves or their marketing people. While we have permission to use them on our site, we do not own the images and therefore cannot give permission for them to be taken off our site and used in any way. We will credit the source where possible and remove any images that are requested to be removed.

Opinion pieces/Reviews

We love supporting fantastic restaurants, produce and creative new brands. You are welcome to send us samples of your great new product or an invite to try you new menu  in your restaurant. We cannot, however, we do not guarantee any reciprocation or airtime (on our site or on social media) for these items. But if we tweet or publish something that means we truly like it and/or think it may be interesting for our followers and fans.

Wedding & Event Planning:

See: http://www.hospitalityhedonist.co.za/hh-wedding-rr/

Whether it is on the day co-ordinating or from the conception and venue hunting with 8 years experience we will make this a memorable event.