H|H Testimonial

Richard and Rene got married at the the lovely Holden Manz Wine Estate

in the picturesque Franschhoek Wine Valley.

Their day was one of elegance, beauty and fun, which in our minds, echoes them as a couple.

This ‘ theme ‘ was evident every aspect of the day, from Rene, the bridesmaids and their gorgeous dresses to Richard and his groomsmen looking classy in their suits with a pop of fun in those daring suspenders.

The decor was a crisp mix of pastels and whites with warm earthy tones knitting it all together.

Highlights from this wedding would most certainly be the ceremony and the dance floor.

Witnessing the grooms face when he saw his bride for the first time was an emotionally moving moment we could not do justice to in words.

That moment was followed by an emotive ceremony of worship and joy which would continue all the way to the dance floor.

Sir, what a joy ride it has been and how fantastic it has been to have shared most of it with you. 
You have a habit of having great thoughts at midnight. Do you actually sleep? 🙂
Llewellyn, from ren and I, or the Mellons, we would just like to make sure that you know how grateful we are for the effort, care and love that you poured out for us over the last 9 months. 
The day itself was the best day of my life and a big reason for that is as simple result of you doing more than your job description entails. Thank you for being so easy to work with and for executing your job so well.
I hope you heard our words of thanks on the day.. but if you were too busy to hear, then hear them now..
We hope to see you soon and hope that, even though we are not clients anymore, you will still choose to say hi to us ahead of the weird client with dogs.. hahaha.
Have a great 2015. I’m sure you are going to smash it.
Lots of love
Rich and Ren