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South Beach Apartments: A Sophisticated Staycation

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I’ve just popped a pod of something Arabic into the Nespresso machine I eagerly await the golden liquid to drip into my mug before I head out onto the balcony and stare at the rising, shifting sun. In my complimentary fluffy slippers and slightly over sized bath robe I reminisce about my dinner in Woodstock yesterday evening.

A curated Cape affair of Michelin starred and skilled chefs who have set off to travel the world in search of inspiration and share their discoveries of our local cuisine in a form of little pop ups. Cultivated in towns they’ve never been, making use of produce they may have never considered and bespokedly building what is essentially a fully fledged business in a matter of days.

This was the One Star House Party pop up headed by chef James Sharman which only has a few weeks, runs from 26th of April – 11th of May 2017.

We’re categorically homeless. Less that a year ago we were all living and working in different countries. We decided to build a pop-up restaurant in Hong Kong, we all fell in love with the way that restaurant transformed from what we had planned it to be into what Hong Kong wanted it to be.

Staying at the centrally located South Beach makes travelling to such dinners in an Uber,  at most a 20 minute expadition through the beautifully bent bends of Clifton and Fresnaye.

It’s the sound of the knock at my door that brings me back from wild and whimsical Woodstock to the serenity of  the splendid South Beach self catering apartments in Camps bay.

A strapping staff member has arrived with a beach sand hued paper bag filled with a rich crumbly croissant and a baby baguette, perfect for a solo traveller.

How very French!? I cheesily quip.

I’ve been told that there’s a few complimentary cold cuts, cheeses and typical continental offerings in the stainless steel fridge (a fully fledged kitchen is on offer too, should you need) for me to pair with these fresh pastries and fresh orange juice if I’d like.

There would be a bottle of Graham Beck non vintage Brut to boot, if I hadn’t greedily indulged in this more-ish MCC before heading out to dinner on my first evening.

I’m torn between breaking bread on the terrace or messing the crisp white sheets with flakes of pastry and watching some reality rubbish on the TV that towers over my comforting king bed.

If we weren’t in the midst of a doubt, I wouldn’t second guess a bubble bath cheekily filled with Charlotte Rhys shampoo, I didn’t see any bubble bath and I often use this as a cheat and it works really well!


You can’t take me Anywhere I know!

I snoop around after I’ve had a steamy shower and see that South Beach very much aims to attract and cater for, the health conscious hipsters, certainly not a title I’ve earned, there’s yoga mats and all kinds of health and fitness options, including a gym just a few floors below, that guests are welcome to use.

As for me, I’d rather be on the roof top observing the built boys on the beach below from the bar, a whole different version of downward facing dog can be cultivated if you find the right man sucking up sun rays at one of the two infinity pools.Seated at the newly built bar it’s hard to miss the artworks by Marieke Prinsloo a candy cane striped little girl eagerly awaits as if she were to dive from the towering terrace into the waves below. The bar and apartments a like have tasteful local pieces by Lionel Smit and other contemporaries too.

As the skies fade to black or rather a bruised shade of blue the water mimics the ocean and blushes as the sun sets.

Perfect for more dinner drinks or better yet late night, come back to my place drinks, when no one’s looking, the bar has closed, and if you’re extra naughty you may just even get away with having a little G&T all the while being stark as the sky, not a cloud to be seen.

Not that I would know first hand about that.

All I can say is this definitely was the most freeing #FreedomDay, ever. wink wink.

For Reservations and Availability Visit : SOUTH BEACH CAMPS BAY

Tel: +27 (0) 21 437 0074 | Email: info@southbeachsa.com | 6 Link Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town

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