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  • Gadgets: Minipresso from Wacaco 1
    H|H Lifestyle

    Gadgets: Minipresso from Wacaco

    Coffee forms an important part of the life of a Hedonist, this one especially. That being said, It’s no surprise that we love the look of the minipresso from Wacaco. Hand…

  • Cold Brew with a Twist : #CoffeeLemonade
    H|H News

    Cold Brew with a Twist : #CoffeeLemonade

    Here’s something a little more controversial than Beyonce’s Becky with the Good Hair, no I am kidding Laura Palmer. Thunderbolt. Kaffelemonad, in cased you missed it there’s a new style of…

  • H|H Ravish on Bree 3
    H|H Food & Wine

    H|H Ravish on Bree

    When in Cape Town, most days whether it’s grabbing a cafe, stealing a kiss or lounging over lunch, I’m probably on the streets of New York   Bree. I have frequented Villa 47 a…

  • H|H Ever Bean In Love? 1
    H|H Media Launch

    H|H Ever Bean In Love?

    If you asked me earlier about lunching in Paarl and where’s a good spot to grab lunch. I would probably have shrugged my shoulders and said “they’re all the same really-what…

    H|H Food & Wine H|H Visual Diary


    Featured Image above:  MirkoStoedter We have a mild obsession with coffee and much like that  12pm text message asking nothing else but “what you up to?” (you know the one, from THOSE boys) It’s one…

  • Villa 47: Locanda 5
    H|H Food & Wine

    Villa 47: Locanda

    Often mistaken for Villa 47 on Bree, Locanda is just one of three eateries to open at this location in the coming months. I decided to pay this new “it” dining…