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Most used hash tag by 17 #FoodPorn chefs

Winter's Dinner at the One & Only 1

Food lovers can now find even more to talk about on Twitter with the Twitter Food Council, a group of leading culinary figures who regularly join the Twitter conversation on all things food and food culture. Led by chef Alex Guarnaschelli (@guarnaschelli), the Twitter Food Council includes top chefs and influencers representing different cuisines and interests.

Anyone who wants to join the conversation and interact with Council members can simply Tweet with the official hashtag, #FoodFlock.

Food is communal by nature, which is why these chefs and influencers Tweet their experiences as they happen. From Twitter Q&As, to Periscope chats, to Tweets from behind the scenes as a new project unfolds, you can interact directly with the experts and find daily inspiration in #FoodFlock

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Here are the inaugural members of the Twitter Food Council:

Anyone can be a part of the Twitter Food Council conversation. Be sure to follow @TwitterFoodand Tweet at your favorite chef with the hashtag #FoodFlock.

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