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Visually Victorian: Melbourne, Australia

Visually Victorian: Melbourne, Australia | HOSPITALITY HEDONIST -SOUTH AFRICAN TRAVEL | FASHION | LIFESTYLE image 1

For as long as I have been visiting Robertson, I have wanted a small slightly rustic and hidden home to upcycle on weekends.

This Heritage Jewel in the heart of Richmond designed by Melbourne Design Studios (MDS) speaks to my soul.

I love the simple lines, lashings of light in every room all of which almost melt into each other, creating a multipurpose functional space. However still holding their own in this contemporary transformation.

I can already envision the space curated with so many of my favorite Weylandts pieces.

ANCIENT NEWNESS - Visually Victorian: Melbourne, AustraliaOUTSIDE THE NORM 5 - Visually Victorian: Melbourne, Australia

Given a brief for contemporary new residences for a development, the team also took on the dilapidated heritage home on the allotment, transforming it into ‘Waltham Jewel’, one of Richmond’s finest homes.

The scheme has been designed to respect the house’s original heritage character while introducing a contemporary edge and ample natural light. Each room is given its own treatment to create a sense of place and belonging – “each space in the building has its own feel and its own character,” MDS director Marc Bernstein explains.

“Looking beyond its old shell, we fell in love with the derelict dwelling at the very start, when our clients shared their vision with us,”

The brief was for contemporary living with a heritage twist, a generous feel, family spaces incorporating outdoor living, good use of natural light, four bedrooms, and “wow-factor” – while of course keeping in mind the commercial viability of the development.

14950381477536747  960x640 - Visually Victorian: Melbourne, AustraliaWALTHAM JEWEL 3 960x739 - Visually Victorian: Melbourne, Australia14950381479016749  960x685 - Visually Victorian: Melbourne, AustraliaWALTHAM JEWEL 960x640 - Visually Victorian: Melbourne, AustraliaWALTHAM JEWEL2 960x640 - Visually Victorian: Melbourne, Australia



IMAGES: Peter Clarke

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