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Will & Grace Reunion: I pray it’s true


This post has absolutely nothing to do with hospitality beside the fact that i am the Hedonist that makes the rules and WAG is basically my childhood on film. For those who have followed me and know me well, will know my trifecta of friends and I can recite the entire script of Will and Grace, Its sad because its true!

I really hope this AMAZING cast return to re-make my life!

The cast re-unites in hopes of getting people to the polls in USA with their #VoteHoney short series. A skit that is basically ANTI-TRUMP and his candidacy.

“A band of heroes WILL assemble to protect the world from aliens AND destruction only an act of GRACE can save them in their battle for what IS right only they can bring America BACK from the brink,” a teaser video tweeted by the cast said. The words in caps were in red and combine to “Will & Grace is back.”

At the end of the video below, Mullally can be heard doing her Karen Walker voice and chanting “Trump!” and “Make America bueno again!”

Will & Grace ran for eight seasons on NBC from 1998-2006. The show, about a gay man and his best friend, was considered a trailblazer during its run.

“I think Will & Grace probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody has ever done so far,” Vice President Joe Biden said while addressing the change in attitude about gay marriage during a 2012 visit to Meet the Press. “This is evolving.”

Hayes, Mullally and McCormack recently reunited to honor director James Burrows for an NBC special. McCormack and Messing also reunited in 2015 on screen for Messing’s series The Mysteries of Laura.

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