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Winchester Mansions: The Art of Living

“There’s an art to living…and I’ll give you a tip it’s best enjoyed when you colour outside the lines.”

I tweeted this not too long ago, is it original no, profound, probably not but isn’t it true?

I’m on the Seapoint promenade, seated on a lush part of lawn, waves of water almost violently crave my attention as they roughly lap the raw rocks just meters away. It’s that time of the day when joggers, dog walkers and kids armed with the latest gadgets and modern modes of transport flurry the scenic sidewalk.

There’s a boldly Blanc building to my right, two gables mimic the feminine fineness and curvature of the mountains just in the frosted distance. All I see is windows, people meandering through this monumental colonial building from the gastro styled bar to the alfresco bougainvillea “tea” type garden, and all they see is Sea.

What a life to live.

There’s a tanned boy resting on the short wall outside what I imagine is his room, in my mind he’s having a cup of chamomile tea, and staring at the wandering water. Or me?! Sigh, a boy can dream. He’s in the Robben Island Suite I presume, his room appears higher up than mine and if there wasn’t a haze of clouds I’m sure he’d be able to see a part of our history just after the rocky shore.

Winchester Mansions has a mystique to it, like the misty breeze blowing through my sweater as I type there’s something fresh, contemporary yet memorable about this historic hotel I’m staying at for my winter Seapoint staycation.

The staff are friendly, and wittingly opinionated we’ve discussed the past and future of our country, controversial and maybe no agreed upon but I value conversation.

It was back from a chauffeur driven tour at The Nearby V&A Waterfront where we meandered through an Incredible Illusions by Kurt Wenner, that creatively challenged perception.

There are almost 3 dimensional designs plastered on the floors to the ceiling which when photographed JUST right show a 3D visual and best of all you are included in these creative spaces.

The 2 hour interactive pavement art tour ends in what reminds me of my art class back in high school; there are indie covers of modern commercial songs being played over head that are speaking to my soul and pitchers of paint to choose from, easels patiently wait for a friend and a canvas to cuddle.

This is where I realize the opening line of this post.

When last did you paint, draw or colour in a coloring book?

There’s something about doing an act so jovially juvenile that makes you feel at peace, taken to a time when nothing else mattered other than what color you would make your soccer players shorts, when your crayola broke and you had to peel back the perfect wrapper so you could continue to create.

With a glass of Chardonnay in hand, I could have easily left my mundane “adulting” life and spent the day painting away, with each brush stroke a calm became me.

As the afternoon faded and the paint dried on my Italian football player painting, it was time to stroll to the Waterfront (when in Rome) and get that glass of Chardonnay I craved at my carefree Art Jamming session.

That’s the best part of centrally located staycations and having a hotel suite a stone’s throw or a seagulls flight away.

You can be at the Waterfront watching people pass by, drop a little dollar on this seasons newest Trenery trends or hop in an Uber and head to the beaches of Clifton curated with wash board abs, Instagram Moments or even just the latest magazine and chill, solo.

You could very well do all of the above, especially in the summer months, the options are endless.

As for me, after waltzing the mall, store to store, all I want to do is to head back to my seaside suite make a big cup of tea, rest on the short wall outside, stare at the wandering water and forget the world.

The best thing about lower season for me is that weekends are actually a thing. Sleeping in and visiting new spots in the city or country side are feasible and as with my stay at Winchester Mansions, there’s a fluffy robe, pair of slippers and a sea facing lounge area you bet I’m going to make the most of it.

There’s an art to living, and I’m feeling artistic.

More About Winchester Mansions:

  • 51 classic or contemporary loft style rooms and 25 suites, including one presidential suite
  • Most rooms feature sea or mountain view, some face the beautiful Italian piazza style Courtyard
  • All rooms with satellite TV with international channels, telephone, wireless internet access, electronic safe, mini bar, tea and coffee making facilities, and air conditioning
  • Guest lounge
  • Heated pool and sun deck
  • Business centre with wireless internet access

Rates(Classic Room) Range from R 1500.00 for a single occupancy room & R1885.00 for a double.

More About Incredible Illusions:

DATE: 4 April 2017- 23 July 2017
TIME:10h00 -19h00
VENUE:Watershed, Jubilee Hall
COST: R100-135pp

WINCHESTER MANSIONS | Address: 221 Beach Rd, Sea Point | Phone: 021 434 2351

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