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Aaron Taylor-Johnson face of Givenchy fragrance | Gentleman

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The British brood Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the new face of  “Gentleman Givenchy “

Described by the house of Givenchy as “the cool and sexy archetype whose masculinity doesn’t preclude sensitivity or generosity. In short, he is a man who never disappoints.”

Givenchy announced on it’s Givenchy Beauty instagram feed, this beautiful Brit’ would be the bold face of it’s simply elegantly encased new fragrance.

The bottle, with its graphic design and massive glass weight, gives a modern look to its classic design. Gentleman Givenchy will be available as a 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

 The campaign was shot by Sam Taylor-Johnson (wife of Aaron) and features dancer, singer and actor Aaron Doucette.

The new look fragrance shows an appreciation for

timeless tradition. A balance between unquestioned strength and confident delicacy, Gentleman Givenchy offers audacious contrasts in a woody-floral fougère.

Constructed around a floral note, interpreted in deeply masculine shades, this offbeat Eau de Toilette reveals the freshness of a pear with bite, heated up by cardamom on a base of reassuring spiced lavender.

Elegance with spice! Surprise, the powdery note of the iris, is now the messenger of manly tones.

In contrast, the leather-patchouli accord brings in its wake a sensual, vibrant dimension, balanced out with black vanilla. Sensual, vibrant conclusions.


Woody Floral Fougere
Head: Pear
Heart: Orris, Lavander
Base: Leather, Patchouli

No price has been given for the local SOuth African market as the full campaign launches in August.

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