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Innis & Gunn Barrel Brewed beers


On Thursday I was offered a personalized tasting of the newest Innis & Gunn beers to dock onto our shores as well as be gifted with a premium oak aged vintage release beer!

Innis & Gunn beers are brewed and matured in Scotland, so I’ll probably be slated for not supporting local however these beers stand out from the rest and there’s enough beer to go around for everyone. Small batch, brewed (try saying that fast after a few pints) I&G beers are unique in taste with an irresistible depth of flavor possibly due to its maturation over oak heartwood.


What started as just four beers, Innis & Gunn Original, Innis & Gunn Toasted Oak IPA, Innis & Gunn Rum Finish and INNIS & GUNN WHITE OAK WHEAT has grown to include a limited edition Innis & Gunn Vintage Release.

Only 100 cases of Innis & Gunn Vintage Release have been made available in South Africa.  Carefully matured for 100 days in first fill American Bourbon casks Innis & Gunn Vintage Release has been bottle conditioned and released in the limited quantities.


Innis & Gunn is matured in the barrels made from white American oak heartwood, previously used for aging Kentucky bourbon.


Toasted Oak IPA


Its fresh hop character comes from a brewing technique unique to Innis & Gunn where bundles of hops are added at 3 different points in the process to build layers of zesty flavour and aroma.A light gold beer with a fresh nose of cut grass and clean grapefruit. Its refreshing taste is full of rich vanilla from the oak with a heap of zestiness and light bitterness from the hops.


Matured for 57 days over American oak heartwood. Infused with a blend of specially selected rums it is bursting with fruit and warming spiciness. Surprisingly light with delicious soft fruit and rich malt flavours, balanced by the rum’s aromatic spiciness

SamanthaClifton-Innis&Gunn-Bascule-050  SamanthaClifton-Innis&Gunn-Bascule-059 SamanthaClifton-Innis&Gunn-Bascule-094

Innis & Gunn Vintage

This premium brew was matured in the first fill (new oak barrel that hasn’t been used before) American bourbon casks for over 100 days, so the brew would mellow and take on lots of rich caramel and vanilla flavours from the wood, vry similar in style to a wooded Chardonnay. The casks also lend creaminess to the beer so that it becomes extra smooth and easy to drink over time. It’s bottle-conditioned with yeast leaving a little sugar in the matured beer, which means that over time, the beer will develop and change becoming richer and more complex the longer it stays in the bottle.

A “Bordeaux” of beers, best bought in pairs, on to drink now and one to age for a few years!

SamanthaClifton-Innis&Gunn-Bascule-096 SamanthaClifton-Innis&Gunn-Bascule-099


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IMAGES SUPPLIED | Photographer: Samantha Clifton

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