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Elated Easter celebrations with Chef Mynhardt

We were lucky to be invited to break bread, Pumpkin Ciabatta, to be precise at the Paarl based hidden home and atelier of Chef Mynhardt Joubert.

A well known foodie in The Pearl of the Winelands as well a flamboyant food stylist, former restaurateur, Karusaf ambassador and now adding honorable host to up to 30 people who aspire to be whisked into a world of Wonder-filled haasie wonderland this April.

Just one of the many options for those wishing to book a table this Autumn.

This month, diners who book a seat at Chef Mynhardt’s table, will be sitting down to enjoy an Easter-inspired menu, featuring a full spectrum of flavous: rich, spicy, delicate and sweet, with Chef drawing inspiration from seasonal pumpkins and figs, organic and free range lamb, excotic fruit like quince and cherries, and traditional favourites, like pickled fish.

We were greeted with a Gin infused cocktail with plump pomegranate and Swaan Tonic, made using KWV cruxland at our lunch offering.

A gorgeous Gin that sets itself apart from other locally distilled juniper’s by making use of a cultivated “Kalahari Truffle” rooibos and heuningsbos aptly marked with an “X” the gin and truffle are found and hand plucked for distillation by locals of the Karoo.

Our Menu on the day

Pumpkin Ciabatta, with Almond Butter and Cherry Jam – Paired with Laborie Rosé
Fried Green Baby Tomatoes (at the Whistle Stop Café) – Paired with KWV Classic Chenin Blanc
Sophia Adonis’ pickled Fish Cakes and Mosbolletjies – Paired with KWV Classic Moscato
Roast Lamb and Figs with Gorgonzola Tagliatelle – Paired with KWV Classic Petit Verdot
Quince Jelly with Camembert and Honey – Paired with KWV Cape Tawny

Chef Mynhardt says Easter is a time he associates with playfulness: “I associate Easter with a very playful time in my life, and I also closely associate it with family, and big pots of food being prepared in the kitchen, with this new Easter menu I try to emulate this playfulness, familiarity and associated generosity.”

Sophia has been a part of Chef Mynhardt’s team for over a decade and he jokingly calls her the boss of the operation and boastfully named one of the entrees served at lunch Sophia Adonis’ pickled Fish Cakes and Mosbolletjies. 

For any Capetonian and even myself as a newly named resident, Easter and vibrant Yellow borrie picked fish are synonymous with this Christian celebration and time  of year.

For his generous main course, Chef Mynhardt serves lamb sourced from Karoo-based Karusaf lamb, a farm-to-table, integrity-lead boutique butcher in Williston, focused on providing consumers with only natural, hormone-free and free range Certified Karoo Meat of Origin – a producer that Chef Mynhardt is proud to represent as its official Ambassador Chef.

A seat at Chef Mynhardt’s table can be booked and tailormade according to guests’ particular needs.

Costs are R450 to R650 per head, with generosity guaranteed at every price point!

For more information on Chef Mynhardt, visit http://mynhardt.co.za/ To order from Karusaf, visit http://karusaf.co.za.

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