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Snap Chat: Racial Social War


The fastest growing social media platform and small start-up Snap Chat is once again caught in a radical repeat of Racism.

I can not scroll down my social feeds and not see profile pictures branded with a yellow spotted ghost. Needless to say I have not made the shift, luckily so as many snappers have decided to boycott and delete the app siting their “Filters” as Racist due to the development team being predominantly compiled prominently by white males.

Research by Finance24 shows that the IT field not only is dominated by this demographic but further shows that remuneration by non-whites and females are the lowest paid in their field irrespective of skill and qualification.


The huge approar that can not be missed on social media sees society protesting after the release of the “Yellow Face” feature that has been argued by Grace (@tequilaface) perpetuates white privileged and hierarchy by filtering over “Asian Anime” as the company quotes caricature.

SnapChat Yellow Face Racism

Twitter / @tequilafunrise

The “Yellowface” filter excessively slants the users eyes, puff your cheeks to make them more round, and adds buckteeth for good measure. SnapChat however maintains this filter is “anime-inspired.”

This supposedly Racist move due to the lack of racial and gender diversity in the SnapChat production team has lead many social media users to delete SnapChat and urges other’s to do the same until there’s a change. These protesters have created the slowly trending Hashtag #deleteSnapChat

Clearly people are upset, but are they over reacting, is it just fun? It is often a heated discussion which racism is raised and I would love to know hwta you think. Will you follow suit in solidarity with those who are blatantly offended will you #DeleteSnapChat ?

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