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Local Perfumery: House of Gozdawa

We all have our favorite Eau de Toilette, whether it’s a blue seaman by JPG or a pretty Daisy by Marc, I was very excited to hear that we had a local meise making her own perfumes, right under our noses!


Agata Karolina is a Cape Town-born design initiator and curator who studied Contextual Design Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009,      then returned to Cape Town to pursue her passion for perfumery and natural scents. Now adorned with the name House of Gozdawa.

It has been a long journey to get to this point and I’m very excited to share the experience we have created to introduce the scents to our guests.

-Agata Karolina

House of Gozdawa is a small batch perfumery company founded in Cape Town in 2015, dedicated to creating high quality epicene scents, following a strict production utilising only natural essential oils and carriers.

The main difference between types of fragrance lies in the concentration of essences. The order of highest to lowest concentration is first Perfume, second, Eau de Parfum, third, Eau de Toilette, and fourth Eau de Cologne.

All products are produced in small batches, bottled by hand and each vintage is specified. Each scent is created with deep love, commitment and intrigue to the story, the natural essences, and the history you will write for yourself as the wearer.



House Of Gozdawa is a business that holds its origins in the history of the Gozdawa crest presented to Agata from her Grandmother Olga Von Chrapowicka, the crest dates back to pre1090 AD. Gozdawa represents the strength, sensitivity, creativity, uniqueness and relationship to nature encompassed by the family. House Of Gozdawa is the contemporary legacy that pays tribute to all those that came before, the stories that were lived and apothecary knowledge that was passed down through generations.

Buy House of Gozdawa perfumes online, or at Maison Mara and AKJP Collective in Cape Town and We Are Ants in Johannesburg.

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