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Love song for the end of the world is curated along the walls of the newly opened Moór Gallery in Franschhoek. Whilst, like many locals and visitors alike we questioned “does Franschhoek need another gallery” the space and artistry of both the pieces suspended on the surface and that of Graham Goosen, Architect of the venue we were happy to have the addition.


The vogue Moor gallery left us wanting more! It is possibly the only “traditional” styled gallery in the sense that it is a larger open space dedicated to art with varied rooms and spaces. Each an exploration showcasing different artworks on the spotless walls as well as pottery (this exhibition) by The Walters, Sue van rensberg and Carolyn Metcalfe.

It was Michael Audain that said “If some of this art is not for you, that’s fine. Art appreciation is a subjective matter, and we each bring our own experience, knowledge and taste to the party” as I am a novice when it comes to this style of craftsmanship take my opinions and this blog post as a subjective appreciation and voicing of this new piece of art in Bordeaux street.

IMG_6220 - Copy (3)IMG_6208 - Copy (1)

The name of the exhibition was proudly bestowed upon the blanc wall just outside the gallery and along the sidewalk were little spheres of ornamental kale and miniature trees which greeted you with an ounce of whimsy. The outside area (some of which surprisingly was incomplete and lacked greenery at this stage) was extensive and I could imagine grand sculptures and a manicured garden will make for great launches of each event, artists and curated offerings with delicious Method Cap Classique and canapés, what could be better! This event, I meandered the bairn with bubbles by Graham Beck surrounded by mooi mense dressed in Hunter boots and custom couture as is the clientele with an art exhibition. Very Posh darling!

IMG_6250 - Copy (3)  IMG_6245 - Copy (3)

We started in the room with the said bubbly-of course which hosted All Sue van Rensburg’s plates and vessels which are hand made and individual, in the interest of pursuing originality. We have seen these pieces before in a few other galleries and had found their quirky inexact edges intriguing. Our personal favorites were the David Walter’s creations, simple and au natural, also imperfect in some ways. The minimalism was beautiful. There were also some bowls with brush strokes of water color almost coral in hue composed on the sides.

IMG_6259 - Copy (3)IMG_6243 - Copy (3)

The venue was very popular at this stage with locals, friends, buyers and fellow industry folk so sadly between the bubbly, la bise and chats we didn’t get much of a chance to explore the star of the show, the Hermann Niebuhr’s surrounding us. The colours however could not be missed as the vibrant colors and use of texture contrasted off the stark white walls.

We’re sad to have not photographed these drawing pieces however, all the Moór reason to go back.

The Love song for the end of the world exhibition runs until May 31st, 2016

Moór Gallery Franschhoek 4 Bordeaux, Franschhoek, | Phone: +27 82 819 7627 | Email: art@moorgalleryfranschhoek.co.za Hours: Mon-Sun 10:30 – 19:00

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