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Hussar Grill opens in Franschhoek

The Protea Hotel recently acquired by Marriott® in the town of Franschhoek, is set to undergo expansion and major refurbishment.

Possibly one of the most recognized properties in Franschhoek in that it was the La Cotte inn which neighbors a local wine and cheese store under the same name. Naturally, times change and hotels need to have these revamps done. With beautiful “new” properties by Leeu collection, Franschhoek Boutique Hotel and La Cotte Cottages it was almost inevitable that this historic space received an uplift.

“Owing to the nature of the work being done, we will close the hotel for three months from the 25 May to 25 August 2017, although some work will commence prior to the closure.”

General Manager of the hotel, Jennifer Reichgelt says,

The largest alteration on the drawing board involves the conversion of the existing conference facilities into 10 additional bedrooms. Which makes so much sense considering how many people would actually choose to conference in a town surrounded by beautiful wineries and picturesque mountain ranges. No on wants to be stuck in a dark room, staring at a projector screen when you could be drinking beer at Tuk Tuk.

Reichgelt however reassures guests that, “We do not anticipate any negative impact on our guests during this period before the closure. Work will take place from 9am to 4pm from Monday to Friday.

Other work being done at the property includes refurbishment of all public areas and bedrooms.

All sounds great, i thought whilst reading the release. However, the final paragraph I questioned.

“And the new dining offering at the hotel is bound to prove popular both with guests and visitors as well as local residents.  The well-known New York- styled steakhouse, Hussar Grill, will be opening at the hotel, offering a superior and affordable dining experience.  ”

Franschhoek is known by many as the Food & Wine capital of the Western Cape, so much it had a sign erected to advertise their pride is achieving this accolade. It is also no secret that locals are very territorial and aim to maintain this food and wine integrity many believe this has been achieved by keeping franchise eateries out of the valley.

Think about it, there’s not a fast food spot in the valley, so one wonders what would happen if lets say a Spur opened in the town?

Would it gain the support of these locals in the tretious “Franschhoek winter” period?

Also, does the valley need another steak/grill offering is there a market for Hussar?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

We look forward to seeing the revamped space when it’s completed.

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