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In bed with Harry Potter

In bed with Harry Potter 8

I’m not much of a fan of the Harry potter series but this shoot by Sarah Hester has just peaked my interest.

The shoot was a collaboration between Hester and the model Zachary Howell of Oklahoma City. Hester, a huge Harry Potter fan, told Buzzfeed-where I stumbled on these images.



“But unbidden into his mind came an image of that same deserted corridor with himself kissing Ginny instead … The monster in his chest purred” — Harry Potter and the Half -Blood Prince



“Have you been spying on him, too?” said Harry indignantly. “What d’you do, sneak up here in the evenings to watch the Prefects take baths?” “Sometimes,” said Myrtle, rather slyly, “but I’ve never come out to speak to anyone before.” — Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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“I met Zach at a meetup I held at the studio for local photographers,” Hester, a huge Harry Potter fan, told BuzzFeed. “He’s a photographer and a model. I started calling him ‘Harry’ because I could NOT remember his name. I jokingly asked if he would be willing to shoot a Harry Potter boudoir session and he was into the idea! We set up the shoot for a week later.”

-Photographer, Sarah Hester

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