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Take Time out at The Turbine Hotel & Spa

It’s no secret that The Turbine Hotel is impeccably located and artistically decorated.

A simple google search of the The Turbine Hotel and one is inundated with the various images of oceanic views, various water activities a pebble’s through away and of course multiple images of the refurbished iconic wood Turbine.

The Turbine Hotel is hard to miss, one drives onto to elite Thessen Island laden with stores, galleries, curated cultural curios and walking distance from some of the finest food I’ve had on a small town vacation.

The hotel exterior begs to be photographed from every angle, then you enter the once working mechanisms of Knysna’s prominent income and you’ll tugged in every direction with no idea what to photograph first.

The space is simply: impressive.

Walls are all adorned with artwork, some local, some old working turbine trinkets and others curatedly acquired and all pieces are available for purchase and aptly tagged with a price and short story of the artist and their thoughts behind each piece.

The rooms, a Standard Room, as per our stay is kitted with a King Bed, large bath, and a freestanding shower,a kitchen space, capsule coffee set up and a desk- the “standards”. The view however breaks all boundaries, a café table abed a balcony offers a lagoon view with the newly harbor styled houses just there across the waters edge.

From the balcony we can see a deck that boasts premium sunbathing spots and a borderless swimming pool and the vibrant breakfast room,.

Speaking of, the breakfast buffet offers freshly baked pastries, seasonal fruit and a selection of cold cuts and cheeses too. An ala carte menu is loving offered by the attentive staff with all sorts of eggs served to your liking.

For me, breakfast comes in a small piece of crockery, lapped by perfectly stretch milk and a double shot of perfectly roasted espresso beans and Luthando, the barista, created the greatest flat whites ive had in a while.

He and his unsurpassed cuppas without doubt made my mornings! This is Sounds great, no?

Well yes, but all of the above you’ll read on the many traveler reviews, from Booking.com to TripAdvisor. “Great View! Perfect Location! Amazing Décor”

What you may not see, a make or break for me at any establishment In my many travels.


How’s the service, the staff?

I’ve told you of the bold barista and the boastful boutique offerings however to me your stay will be made by the team at Turbine Hotel & Spa.

It starts with Lungi and her affectionate, captivating, infectious smile as you check in after 5hrs on the road, arriving at 23h00 to Lydia who works in the TurbineSpa and makes a massage more memorable than most (no not in that way-get your mind out the gutter).

Louise, in housekeeping, is shy but nothing, no task is too tall.

Then there’s Vincent, a cut above the rest and that’s honestly saying a lot, he carries himself as if the Turbine Hotel is his, he is possibly the most patient, dapper and quirky gentleman I have met in hospitality. (Aside from myself, of course) We were useless when it came to using the in room digital safe, after calling him to reset the safe for a third time in a matter of minutes he gingerly smiles and goes through the process step by step completely concealing that we felt like utter idiots for both wasting his time and not being able to do a simple task.

So, here’s the deal, a simple sentence; go to the Turbine Hotel and Spa on Thessen Island.

As “they” say you’ll have a “Great View! Perfect Location! Amazing Décor” but what I hope is that you’ll echo my note in the guestbook ”to Luthando, Lungi, Lydia, Yolisa, Monty and Louise, from the depths of my wanderlust filled heart. I THANK YOU! It’s been unforgettable. See you soon”

Book For Pink Loerie Mardi Gras & Arts Festival 2018

The 17th Annual Pink Loerie Mardi Gras & Arts Festival™ Knysna, South Africa
Theme: Once upon a time, it all started with Bears, Fairies, Princess, Princesses, (frogs too), Kings and fabulous Queens.

A modern-day LGBTQ+ fairy tale!

Pink Loerie Event Details:

Date: Thursday 24 May – Sunday 27 May 2018
Venue: Knysna
Website: www.pinkloerie.co.za
Email: john@pinkloerie.co.za

Directions To The Turbine Hotel:

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