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Look Inside: Wishbone Cafe and Bistro Bar | Sandton


We dote over Black Sheep Design’s latest collaboration

Black Sheep Design is known for developing creative and innovative design solutions when it comes to Building Refurbishments, Corporate Interiors and Retail Design.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that the team at Black Sheep Design have remained true to their laurels in creating this multi-sensory space in Sandton

“In keeping with Alice Lane’s vision of being ‘more than an address; a true status symbol’, Wishbone Café & Bistro has been created to be in tune with the latest 21st century restaurant trends, with a world class, casual yet sophisticated ambience.

Copper mesh balls in windows are metal fishermen’s lights

Glass & Copper pendant lights are from K -Light

The décor is sophisticated, modern, yet warm and inviting based on the idea of a seamless progression of aesthetics.

The aesthetics of the Café + Bistro are centered around a modern corporate environment that features modern vs traditional elements, referencing the strong glass of the surrounding towers and mixing it with warmth and comfort.

The feel is light and airy, warm timber and leather, contrasting floor detailing (pulled through from the interior) and an over-all modern street café vibe that still speaks to the design of both the lower and upper level of the interior by use of the same palette and textures.

The restaurant showcases regularly updated artworks in partnership with Berman Contemporary gallery; currently on display are pieces by Stefan Blom, Roberto Vaccaro and Marcus Neustetter.


“wood bent” Bar stools and chairs are from Planet Chairs

Craigan Millar with an extensive hospitality background that spans more than two decades – plus a love for art, design, food and wine –  combines all of his passions into one at Wishbone Café & Bistro

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 7am – 9pm,
Saturday 9am – 9pm
Sunday 9am – 4pm

Call: 011 883 2399 | 11 ALICE LANE. SANDTON | Parking: Entrance on 5th street, levels -1 & -2,  use the escalator or lifts up to The Piazza
PHOTOS SUPPLIED: Anthea Pokroy Photography Of Art & Design


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