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10 Dapper Gentlemen I just Followed on Instagram


Instagram is a little bit strange in the fact that one Can not easily spread posts you like. If you like a Tweet, find it funny or think it’s a great read. Retweet-Click.

Sadly discovering great people to follow on Instagram is a little bit harder. You have to sift through hash tags and often people simply use a specific hash tag to gain more likes and so finding “inspiring” account for me has been a little bit tough.

These are some fashion, lifestyle Instgrammers that I recently followed. Each for a different style, from street, casual, sneakers and shorts to dapper black ties blokes who pull off high end suits on the daily, and yes I’m jealous.

1. Yummertime

Because I support the LGBTI community, and this picture gets me excited for #Summer.

A photo posted by Brock + Chris (@yummertime) on

2. Justin Livingston

A lifestyle blogger from NYC with equal parts of delicious foodie shots and styled shoots

3. Phil Cohen

The pro at flat lays, Envious of all those amazing clothing items! #WardrobeEnvy

A photo posted by Phil Cohen (@thepacman82) on

4. Adam Gallagher

Lover of the ocean, super tall, piecing eyes and easily mistaken for Jared Leto

A photo posted by Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla) on

5. Joel.

For the love of Neutrals and low saturated street style

A photo posted by Joel ? (@gallucks) on

6. Lorenzo Liverani

Basic Boy, in a good way-when the only clothes you’ll be wearing are a Shorts and a T or nothing at all

7. Aaron Wester

For simple layered comfort

8. Saul Rasco

Never short of a pair of well fitted jeans and a Aviators

9. mrporterlive

A curated lifestyle account from design, to luxe travel destinations, I could flick trough and just double tap the entire feed

A photo posted by MR PORTER (@mrporterlive) on

10. #MenWithClass

Okay, So this is a cheat but this hash tag is the easiest to fllow if you’re looking for #Styleinspo or just to drool over the luxe lifestyle of the #RichKidsOfInG

A photo posted by @menwithclass on


Because: Nick Jonas-I Mean!

A photo posted by Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) on

I’m on the hunt to find amazing Local (South African) styled accounts to follow.

If you know of some amazing MUST follow Instagrammers. Leave me a comment below or TWEET me.


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