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7de Laans Controversial gay couple

After 17 years on air one of the largest Afrikaans television Series has aired it first gay kiss.

Meet Simon Tuit and Arnu De Villiers, the two actors behind roles Logan and Divan respectively. The kiss aired to create a shock “love triangle” sub plot in the show as two women were pining for the affection of one of these beautiful boys and as the saying goes “they’re either gay or taken”

Whilst this is a big move for the show and yet it seems almost surprising that it has taken so long. Many of the conservative audience have lashed out at the show for airing this maleficent “moffie” scene. I imagine the demographic to be largely 35-50 year old women and all I can say to the haters on Facebook…

Jealously makes you nasty!

Arnu De Villiers had this to say about making waves and strides after his on screen kiss:

A scene that made headlines. The infamous 7de Laan (Amptelik) ‘gay kiss’ that went viral. I won’t lie, It was quite awkward seeing my face pop up everywhere, even coming across a few memes as one does 😉

Conversation erupted and opinions flowed with thousands of comments and shares – I was sad to see all the negative comments, but expected nothing less. I was even more happy to see the thousands of posts embracing it and calling for equality and most importantly, acceptance. 7de Laan always ensures that each character and storyline is relatable to someone and this scene was exactly that. We see it every day, but it gets bashed for being on TV. Everyone knows someone – lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender – They’re people, who love exactly like you do…

Last night as I scrolled FB and once again came across The Kiss, I thought “heck, why only me – how cool will it be if everyone can kiss and post a photo of their love. Be it straight, gay, bi, interracial, whatever!” Let’s rather stand together and show the world that this is not only happening in soaps, but in real life – Just LOVE.

My opinion? I guess it doesn’t really matter, but let us rather create a bigger change, because to someone it means something – let’s share thousands of photos and not let it stop with this one. It’s a CHALLENGE, post your love

See the full Scene below:

The story line is based about the two boys cancelling their divorce proceedings:

I have embedded the clip at the exact point of the controversy to save your data, you can thank me later.

READ MORE Following the conservative backlash & comments:

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