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The Perfect Serve: Bisquit Cognac

Very often we assume that because something has been done the same “traditional” way for many moons that this method must be correct. Serving red wine in South Africa at room temperature, only drinking white wine with white meats and delicate fish, perfume must be added to the warmest part of your body and rubbed to create a bolder bouquet, serving a brandy or cognac slanted on a glass tempered with hot water to warm the aromas of the golden liquor.

Sadly. All myths!

There a delicious examples of menus that serve bold white Rhone blends with robust aged beef, and chilled red varietals with line caught game fish and more so, cognac, in South Africa particularly should be served chilled!

This is non-negotiable.

Denis Lahouratate, the Maitre de Chai (Cellar Master) for Bisquit Cognac invited myself and 20 others to be re-educated in what the house have dubbed Bisquit Cognac’s “Perfect Serve”

Standing on the 26th floor towering over our beautiful city I held a Cognac cocktail, very often seen as tabu to many bar enthusiasts however *Denny-how you pronounce Denis in French was adamant that Cognac can and often MUST be served with ice or at the very least chilled.

Here’s why, aromas are a delicate thing. As with a delicate layered perfume, the moment “heat” is applied by rubbing the creases of your wrists or spritsing it directly onto your warm skin the notes evolve and often, not for the better or benefit of the fragrance.

With oak aged spirits the same applies, instead of slowly travelling through layers of buttery oak, cigar box, stone fruit and toffee one is bombarded with an assailing alcohol “burn” my go to expression-like, sniffing paint thinners- you know the smell, think cheap silver tequila that you knock back and mask the vility with and even more undesired sour of lemon.

When a Cognac is served chilled the flavors are allowed time to flourish, more balanced and the alcohol is less aggressive making its easy to slowly savor before or after dinner.

bisquit-cognac_perfect-serve-step-1-v1-hrSo how do Bisquit suggest you re-create The Perfect Serve?

The Bisquit Cognac Perfect Serve ritual is simple, yet sophisticated:

Step 1: Place the Cuillère de Richesse over the cognac glass.

Step 2: Gently place one ice cube onto the stainless steel plate.

Step 3: Slowly pour a serving of Bisquit V.S.O.P over the ice cube. The Cuillère de Richesse will guide the cognac into the glass through the opening in the spoon.

Step 4: Enjoy your cognac at the perfect temperature!

“We are not dictating how everyone should enjoy their cognac, it is after all a matter of personal taste. However, should you wish to become a true Bisquit Cognac connoisseur, our style of cognacs is best suited to our Perfect Serve ritual which brings the cognac to the optimal temperature for maximum enjoyment.” we were told by Lahouratate.

To get your hands of the Congnac Connoisseur kit** follow the Bisquit Cognac Facebook page for more information which will soon have more information on how and where you can purchase this Perfect Service kit.

**The Bisquit Cognac Perfect Serve Kit consists of the Cuillère de Richesse, a bottle of Bisquit V.S.O.P, pair of tongs, four cognac glasses, a pouring spout and a porcelain dish for ice.
SPONSORED By Chateaux Bisquit

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