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Derrick | The Work of Many “Hands” Makes More to Share

“Derrick” whose business approach does not begin with sales-at-all-costs has created Robertson’s Winery newest campaign.

Derrick as an agency aim to work intimately with clients to ensure their solutions fit culturally; that they are relevant, original and impactful; but importantly, that they do so without passing any costs onto society or the environment. This Shows in their latest campaign- Hands.

Conceptually the ad is a metaphor where Robertson Winery believes that people are an interagral part of the wine making industry, especially at Robertson Winery where wine is not just about the grapes.

Robertson Winery from ‘a small town with a big heart’, which offers ‘more to share’, challenged their advertising agency to create a visual portrayal of the essence of the Robertson Winery brand… a picture after all is worth a thousand words!

And creative communications agency, Derrick, did just that, producing an innovative solution that is relevant, original and impactful.

It is the place and the people that make the difference; a big-hearted community, who tend to the vines, pick the grapes, keep careful watch over the fermentation process, bottle the wine and pack the bottles.

It’s a work of many hands, of passion and craft.

Derrick’s inspired solution to the challenge, using the hands of the people who work at Robertson Winery, is a winning canvas.

The biggest challenge was to get the people to sit perfectly still while the artist painted furiously under a hectic time constraint.

Hand painted, mind the pun, by artist Megan Wylie the pressure was on to paint really speedily to produce this telling piece titled “hands”

The result… The Work Of Many Hands Makes More To Share.

The compelling image will be seen in many forms around the country: on bottles, packaging, displays, billboards, advertisements and more.

You & 10 Friends could wine 10 Cases of wine

When buying a bottle of any of the eleven wines in the Robertson Winery Oval Range at leading retailers nationally, during May, you stand the chance of winning really big: of winning 10 cases of the wine of your choice, plus a further 10 cases for each of 10 lucky friends, so there is no excuse not to share and enjoy!

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