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Life of Pablo: Kanye West arrives in CT

Life of Pablo: Kanye West arrives in CT 6

The Yeezy frenzy all began on Thursday when controversial Singer, rapper turned fashion designer announced the locations of his Pablo Pop-Ups.

With the only South African location opening at 10:00 this morning at 107 Bree street, the store naturally saw huge queues with fashion fans arriving at all hours of the early morning to be the first ones inside.  Needless to say from what I have seen the wait was a little lack luster.


Entering the design space is quite stringent with only 10 people being allowed in the store at a time, and there are restrictions as to how many items you may purchase or how long you may stay snapping up selfies in the store.

Quing customers are handed a “menu” styled shopping list and a pen, a catalogue of sorts with all the items that are available to purchase at this locale.

Items range from a R485 cap and the most lucrative being tagged is a military jacket that goes for R3 645.


Teri Robberts


Teri Robberts

Once inside, customers may not take any item off the rails. You may only look at it, and judge your size. You then have to indicate on your “menu” what items you want, the quantity, and a sales person will then assist you further.

I honestly don’t see the appeal and have even gone as far as to tweet that i forsee knock offs of these Roman Lettered prints being available from street vendors is a wekk or so.

Below are a few images form the launches of the other Pop-Ups world wide:


Karli Evans


CAPE TOWN: Teri Robberts


LONDON: Tom Jamieson


Tom Jamieson


Tom Jamieson


NEW YORK: Matt Martin

Did you purchase any items, are you interested in some items? TWEET me or leave a comment below.

Kanye West’s “Temporary Stores” will be open through Sunday, August 21st. For store hours and locations visit kanyewest.com/temporarystores.

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