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TYNELL Underwear | Dress To Undress

We chat to the Brain and Beauty behind the new TYNELL underwear range that has launched in South Africa.

With wild patterns and prints to choose from we wanted to learn more about this buldge-y new brand by Model Tyrone Nell

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Where did the concept of TYNELL underwear begin?

Tyrone Nell: I have always wanted to start up my own business. It was just a matter of when I would take action and just do it. After reading a book that my partner had given to me, I was inspired to take action and start working on setting up business.

My passion for brand-building and digital, combined with my interest in fashion inspired me to create TYNELL, a personal brand.

Is this a solo or collaborative project, who has helped you build TYNELL?

Tyrone Nell: My business partner, Dave Mc Naught and I had similar interests. Consequently, we embarked on a journey of discovery that led us to collaborate with The Edit Atelier in Cape Town to produce the first range of TYNELL Underwear.

What sets TYNELL underwear apart from other brands?

Tyrone Nell: When it came to my own underwear, I have always had high expectations. The struggle was real to find underwear that still feels comfortable after a few hours of wear. In our quest to design underwear that deliver on quality as well as comfort, we arrived at our ethos; Fit. Feel. Freedom.

Boxers or Briefs at TYNELL?

TN: The TYNELL Signature Range comes in two styles – briefs and brief-trunks and we will soon be releasing our trunk style that has a longer leg than the brief-trunks.

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TN: Our Limited Editions have exquisite prints that vary from pair to pair. It is what makes them so special. Only 300 Limited Edition pairs will be released as part of our first range.

The plans for TYNELL extend beyond just underwear. Dave and I are excited about the future.

TYNELL underwear ranges in Price with Briefs starting at R395.00 a pair

Visit TYNELL.CLOTHING to view designs and of course order.

Boys & Buldges not included (sadly)

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